ENGSO launches new brand name

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

We are thrilled to announce our new brand name: ENGSO – the European Sports NGO. Adopted along with the new strategy, the change aims at making the organisation’s name more accessible and attractive, as well as strengthening the ENGSO brand. The launch of the brand name coincides with the opening of the second European Sport Platform, organised on 4–5 October in Rome.

In the past years, ENGSO has gained a solid status in European sports policy and had an impact on a number of European policy initiatives, putting grassroots sport in the core of EU sports policy. One may well say that these strategic objectives have been reached. The new Strategy 2020–2023 leans strongly on the previous strategic plan, while introducing an updated focus, a handful of new areas, a new structure and the brand name.

“Our new strategy puts more emphasis on the social and societal impact of sport – not only raising the importance of grassroots sport, but also highlighting the vast benefits that sport has for communities and societies. Since the beginning, it was also clear that streamlining the successful ENGSO brand should be part of the new strategy”, describes ENGSO President Stefan Bergh.

Strategy 2020–2023 was adopted by the ENGSO General Assembly, organised on 14–16 June 2019 in Frankfurt, along with the new brand name, to be used in ENGSO’s communication instead of the long formal name.

“The new brand name helps people understand what ENGSO is about, and facilitates accessible communication. ENGSO – the European Sports NGO had already been used in some of our communication materials and the website, and now we are excited to further explore its possibilities”, explains ENGSO Secretary General Kaisa Larjomaa.

The formal name of the organisation will remain the same, and thus letters addressed to the European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation in Stockholm or Brussels will continue to find their way to our mailbox.

Further information: Kaisa Larjomaa, [email protected], +32 484 33 95 38

ENGSO Strategy 2020–2023 can be found online here: www.engso.eu/publications

ENGSO is the European Sports NGO and the leading voice for voluntary-based grassroots sport in Europe. Together with our 38 members – National Sports Confederations, National Olympic Committees and other sports organisations from 34 European countries – we form a network that brings together people of different ages and backgrounds that share a passion for sport. We aspire to grassroots sport that promotes stronger communities, with the mission to represent, develop and advocate for voluntary-based sport in Europe – guided by our values: democracy, equality, inclusion, sustainability, integrity and education.