ENGSO Joint Meeting in Lisbon: Inspiration, energy and ambition

The #BeActive European Week of Sport had a fantastic ending for ENGSO in Lisbon, Portugal. The ENGSO Executive Committee, the ENGSO Youth Committee and the ENGSO EWS (Equality Within Sport) Committee gathered on 28–30 September 2018 to hold a series of meetings. One of the main aims of the weekend was to start working on the ENGSO Strategy for 2020–2023.

The two-day gathering involved separate meetings of the ENGSO Executive Committee (ExCom), the ENGSO Youth Committee, and the ENGSO EWS Committee, as well as a Joint Meeting with an exchange of news and a workshop about the future strategy of ENGSO.

During the weekend, some core decisions were made by the ENGSO ExCom. It was decided that next year’s General Assembly will be held on 14–16 June in Frankfurt, Germany, and it will be co-organised by our German member, the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB).

The ENGSO ExCom also followed up on the General Assembly that was held in June 2018 in Visby, Sweden, as they analysed its evaluation report. The feedback from the General Assembly participants was overwhelmingly positive, confirming that the pleasant ambience experienced in Visby was a shared one. The good feedback gives ENGSO a strong backing to proceed with the preparations of the next event: the European Sport Platform, to be organised in Budapest, Hungary, on 16–17 November 2018. The event is open to all people interested in the current debate on sport, ENGSO members and non-members alike.

The ExCom also decided to nominate Niina Toroi, the Chair of the ENGSO EWS Committee, as the regional representative of Europe to the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG). ENGSO and the IWG have a long common history, as the former ENGSO President, Birgitta Kervinen, was one of the co-chairs of the body between 2006 and 2010. The previous European representative in the IWG, and a longstanding contributor to the development of the IWG, was the former ENGSO EWS Chair, Kristina Thurée.

Another topic of the ExCom meeting was the selection results of the Erasmus+ Sport call for proposals. The recently revealed results brought some great news to ENGSO, as our proposal entitled “CHAMP” (Clubs for Health-enhancement, Activation, Modernisation and Participation) got selected under the Collaborative Partnerships scheme. On top, we will be partnering in two more Collaborative Partnerships: one led by Asociacion Ecoserveis about volunteering for greener sports events (PLAYGREEN) and one led by Play International, entitled “Play’in Together”.

ENGSO Youth has also been successful in the Erasmus+ Sport applications: its Small Collaborative Partnership proposal named “Skills for you(th) through sport” got selected, along with three Collaborative Partnerships where ENGSO Youth is a partner.

On Saturday 29 September, all participants of the ENGSO Joint Meeting came together for a workshop on the future ENGSO strategy, led by ENGSO Secretary General Stefan Bergh. The participants had the possibility to imagine the future of the organisation, to discuss challenges, opportunities and possible scenarios, and to dream big. The multi-stage process to create a new strategy has now been kicked off, and the final document will be approved by the ENGSO General Assembly next year.

When Stefan Bergh finally asked the Joint Meeting participants to describe the weekend with one word, the responses included „inspired”, “vision”, “ambition”, “enthusiasm”, “energy”, “engagement”, “empowered”, “belonging”, “identity” and “hope”. Thanks to all the colleagues for all for the fruitful conversations and for creating the positive, forward-looking ambience!

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