• Polona Fonda

ENGSO EU Advisory Committee met to discuss future development

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

On Thursday, 4 March 2021, the ENGSO EU advisory committee met to discuss the policy work and

future development of the committee.

The meeting was led by Mikkel Larsen, from the National Olympic Committee and Sports

Confederation of Denmark. The members of the committee who were present in the meeting were:

Petra Gantnerova, Confederation of Slovak Sport Associations, Petri Heikkinen, Finnish Olympic

Committee, Julie Ravlo, Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sport, and Laurent

Briel, ENGSO Policy Director.

The main topic of the discussion was the development and future work of the committee. The

agenda also included overview of the policy work and the creation of the sport policy paper which

will be present to the ENGSO Executive Committee on 26 April 2021. It was a fruitful meeting with a

successful exchange of information.