ENGSO ENTER 2009-2010

ENGSO ENTER 2009-2010

The ENTER! programme was developed by ENGSO lasts for three years and was financed by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme of the EU Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme. The aim for the participants was to gain a profound knowledge of national and international sports structures, national political, economic and social environments, decision-making structures and the position of women in sport, nationally and internationally. This took place through 2-3 training days or seminars per year.



  • Increase women's involvement in sport leadership;

  • Empower women for leadership roles in sport;

  • Increase awareness of the relationship between sport and social development among sports leaders;

  • Adopt the principles of mentoring in European sports cultures;

  • Produce a common vision of sport leadership (professional identity, moral and ethics of good leadership);

  • Increase democracy and development of the principles of good governance in sports organisations;

  • Ensure continuity and education of new sport leaders;

  • Develop a vision of cross-sector co-operation

Role of European Co-ordinator

The role of overall European Co-ordinator was fulfilled by CCPR (UK):

  • Draft and distribute all the shared documentation

  • Apply for EU funding

  • Organise the launch event in Brussels

  • Organise the European Networking event(s)

  • Instruct the national co-ordinators

  • Organise the bi-annual co-ordinator meetings

  • Liaise with the ENGSO Ex-Com and Secretariat regarding the ENGSO Forum

Role of National Co-ordinator

  • Source and provide funding for the Programme (equal share)

  • Recruit and select participants

  • Recruit and select mentors

  • First point of contact for information at a national level

  • Organise annual national training day

  • Work with the European co-ordinator to arrange dates for meetings, book transport, hotel rooms etc

  • Promote ENTER! within their own organisation and country

  • Work towards implementing a national strategy for equality and diversity within the national sports

  • Organisation, incorporating the ENGSO statement and the ENTER! vision.

Role of ENGSO

  • Provide advice to the co-ordinating group

  • Liaise with European co-ordinator regarding participation in the ENGSO Forum

  • Promote the ENTER! Programme in Europe

  • Host information on the Programme on website and include updates in newsletters

National federations

Although indirectly involved through the partner organisations, the participants were members, volunteers or staff of national sports federations and were expected to support participants from their organisation and to seek opportunities for participants to further their development, run for election and attend meetings.

Ethical standards

Whilst participants are understandably women, efforts will be made to have male representation amongst the national co-ordinators, mentors and advisers to the Programme. The Programme will not discriminate against anyone on account of age, religion, sexual orientation, disability or culture.


Session 1 - Leadership and Strategies - Copenhagen, 26 - 27 September 2009

Session 2

Session 3 - Communication, European Customs and Styles Malta, 5 - 7 March 2010

Session 4 - Influencing and Conflict Resolution Helsinki, 5 -6 June 2010

Session 5 - International Sport Structures, Trends in International Sport, Budapest