ENGSO Contributes at the Sports Directors Meeting and Estonian Presidency Conference on Role of Coac

ENGSO had an active role at the first sport meetings of the Estonian EU Presidency when the Sport Directors meeting and Presidency Conference “Role of Coaches in Society” took place in Tallinn on 12-14 July 2017.

One of the main topics of the Sports Directors meeting was the structured dialogue with the sport movement, and how to develop it in the future. ENGSO was the only sport organisation which was invited to the meeting and ENGSO Secretary General Stefan Bergh had the privilege to give remarks on behalf of the sport movement on the future structured dialogue. In his remarks he highlighted the importance of continuous dialogue between the sport movement and governmental institutions, and proposed that relevant organisations from organised sport would be again invited to the Sports Directors meetings regularly. This used to be the case, but has not been the tradition during the last couple of years. Furthermore, he reminded that organised sport has the legitimacy and expertise, which should be taken into account in structured dialogue, e.g. at the composition of future Expert Groups. In addition, Bergh mentioned that the high-level structured dialogue lunch needs development or new formats in future, and furthermore reminded the Directors of the Sport Ministries of EU Member States about the importance of active structured dialogue also at national level. Sports Directors meeting started the discussion on the structured dialogue in future, which continues at the Council Working Party between the Member States during the Estonian Presidency.

The Sports Directors meeting was followed by the Presidency Conference “Role of Coaches in Society”. Estonian Minister of Culture, Indrek Saar and Deputy Director-General of DG EAC of the European Commission, Jens Nymand Christensen opened the interesting conference, which included sessions on the role of coaches from different perspectives: values in the work of coaches, needed skills as well as role of coaches in the 21st century. Gender equality was also one of the topics, and ENGSO Policy Director and Project Manager Heidi Pekkola presented SCORE Project and its outcomes as well as participated in the panel discussion. Coaches and their role are priority of the Estonian Presidency, and Council Conclusions on the topic are expected to be adopted by the Sports Ministers in November. Outcomes of the conference also contribute to the Conclusions.

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