ENGSO and EUSA partnership thriving as collaboration continues

The partnership between the European University Sports Association (EUSA) with ENGSO continues to strengthen, with ongoing collaboration and cooperation in various activities.

EUSA, the organiser of European Universities Games, Championships and educational events, and ENGSO have been official partners since a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two organisations in 2014, while the cooperation started already before.

EUSA constantly strives to promote gender equality in all its activities, with recent changes in the EUSA statutes at electoral level aiming to give women more opportunities in leadership roles within the organisation. In terms of participation in EUSA sport events, a 59-41% male-female participation ratio was seen across 21 events making up the 2019 European Universities Championships, with EUSA continually striving to promote equality at all its events.

In 2021, the fifth edition of the EUSA European Universities Games will be organised in Belgrade, Serbia, which is set to be the biggest gathering of student-athletes on the continent. As part of EUSA’s integrative and inclusive approach, competitions for student-athletes with disabilities have been included in the official programme, with para table tennis and sitting volleyball events forming part of the two-week event, taking place between 14-17 July 2021.

EUSA is also through its Institute both a coordinator and partner in various Erasmus+-funded projects which focus on diversity, equality and inclusion in sport.

One such project is the Gender Equality Toolkit for Generation Z (GETZ), coordinated by the University of Worcester, which aims to tackle the gender imbalance in sport in relation to leadership and management roles in the industry, engaging especially the youth and young adults.

ENGSO Youth Committee member, Anett Fodor at the workshop

On 15 December, a free online seminar and workshop, focusing on inequalities in sport, in line with the GETZ Project’s objectives, took place, including participation from ENGSO representatives. Former EUSA EVS volunteer, ENGSO Youth's newly elected Committee member, Anett Fodor moderated a group discussion at the online event.

EUSA is also looking forward to kicking off the Inclusion in Sport (iSPORT) project in 2021, working with ENGSO and other key partners to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport.

EUSA thanks ENGSO for their continued support, and looks forward to working together in many more activities, projects and events in the future.