EL and CoE present the KCOOS project in key fora, while getting ready for the KCOOS+ project

Keep Crime out of Sport (KCOOS) was a joint project of the European Commission and the Council of Europe (CoE), and the European Lotteries was one of its implementing partners. It finished in June 2017 in Strasbourg, and led to increased awareness among states and other stakeholders regarding match-fixing matters in general, but notably on the CoE Convention on the Manipulation of Sport Competitions. Thanks to the KCOOS project, not only did some states have the chance to better learn about the provisions of the CoE Convention and effectively start national procedures towards its signature and/or ratification, but other states have also started working towards the implementation of the Convention, preparing its official entry into force, e.g. by the setting up national platforms as per article 13 of the Convention and other national and international co-operation.

Over the last months, EL as an active partner of the project, jointly with the CoE, as project leader, had the chance to present the project in key fora and further informed significant stakeholders.

On November 28-29, in the framework of the CoE’s Seminar on the manipulation of sports competitions open to ministries impacted by the topic, EL was invited by the CoE to present the KCOOS Project. EL Sport Executive Secretary, Vagelis Alexandrakis, presented to Ministry representatives the way the KCOOS project was structured, the importance of its provisions to assist Council of Europe member states with implementing measures compliant to the Convention, including the setting-up of national platforms, the sharing of information and the measures against illegal sports betting. He also highlighted the significance of the timely entry into force of the Convention.

Following the success of the KCOOS project, the CoE, along with the Lotteries (EL-WLA-GLMS) and significant stakeholders, including the IOC, INTERPOL, FIFA, UEFA, RC3 and Partners, Ethisport and some governments (e.g. France, Cyprus and Norway), will launch the KCOOS+ project, which is to begin in January 2018 and will on the one hand expand the KCOOS work onto a global basis, but will on the other hand deal with issues more in-depth at the European level. EL looks forward to contributing to this project as well.

Visit the KCOOS project page on the website of the CoE: http://pjp-eu.coe.int/en/web/crime-out-sport

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