Conference on Grassroots Sport in Big Cities in Sofia

On the 2nd December, Sofia, the next European Capital of Sport hosted the Launching Conference on Grassroots Sport in Big Cities. Our President, Carlos Cardoso was actively taking part in the event, as he was involved in two panel discussions.

Mr. Cardoso, along with Jens Nymand Christensen, Deputy Director-General of the DG Education, Culture, Youth and Sport from the European Commission, as well as with other fellow panelists from the European Capital of Sport Association (ACES Europe), Malaga 2020 and the Municipality of Sofia exchanged their thoughts in the panel entitled “Access to sport facilities and promotion of physical activity – good practices in Europe”. After this panel on concrete examples, a discussion was held around the policy aspect of the topic. The panel entitled “White paper in the new reality - proposals and future development” involved various representatives of EU-level, national and local policy-makers, including Mr. Cardoso.

“The conference was really very interesting with a large attendance. The discussion showed once again that for a healthy population good urban planning with sports facilities and parks are crucial. Urban planners have to have it in mind, considering the healthy lifestyles of citizens.” – stated Mr. Cardoso after the conclusion of the conference.

You can read about the programme and activities of Sofia 2018 on their official website.

Speakers of the conference

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