CHAMP – Update!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

It’s October and it means that our Erasmus+ Sport collaborative partnership project, CHAMP, has been running for 9 months already! On 3-4 October, the second project team meeting took place in Rome and was hosted by our project partner, OPES Italia. The agenda was packed with important discussions and workshops - we are definitely on the right track!

Firstly, the work with Intellectual Output 2, which starts in October, was discussed. This part of the project is all about collecting best practices from sports clubs who are working in innovative ways to renew their offer to attract more members. In this part of the project we also aim to raise awareness of challenges that stand between a successful participation rate and the sports movement. The project consortium will reach out to their network of sports clubs to collect the data. At the meeting in Rome, the Swedish Sports Confederation presented that they are going to host workshops with clubs all over Sweden to collect the best practices and discuss challenges of sports clubs in modern society. They clearly stated that this is something that will benefit their organisation as well, not only the project.

In the second part of day one, ICSSPE presented the findings connected to the first part of the project, which will conclude in a research report about the benefits of modernisation in sport. It is clear from the findings that something needs to change! We see that more and more Europeans choose sporting offers outside of the traditional sports movement or simply aren’t active at all. The report will be available on the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and the project website.

ICSSPE also presented early findings connected to the part of the project where we are looking for innovative solutions from outside the sports movement (to learn from). The conclusion: yes, we have a lot to gain to widen our perspective and learn from other sectors! The first day ended with a discussion about the multiplier sports events which will be hosted by the project partners next year.

The active teamwork continued on the second day. This day was all about working together to create a solid base and mutual understanding regarding the outlines of the MOOC. Therefore, a workshop was arranged to make sure that the whole project team is involved in the work process. The workshop resulted in several action plans regarding this Intellectual Output. To conclude:

  • The content of the MOOC needs to be of high quality.

  • The MOOC needs to be easy to use for our target group, sport clubs.

  • The look and design of the website/MOOC need to be interactive, modern and fresh.

  • We need to involve clubs in the process.

  • The content needs to explain why the knowledge is needed, plus it needs to be relevant to the target group.

We have a lot of work ahead of us but this meeting proved that we have a strong and competent project team willing to work together to create great results!

The next meeting will be a Steering Committee meeting in the beginning of 2020. Till then, follow CHAMP’s Facebook page and Twitter account to stay up-to-date about our news. For more photos about our days in Rome, click here.