CHAMP project | Online seminar on innovation and sports clubs

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

On 25 June, an ENGSO online seminar took place about the CHAMP project. During 2019, the project team has been collecting data to summon the knowledge and insights on innovative practices from sports clubs and also from the corporate sector. These findings will be the base of the main project outcome – The CHAMP online course! Some of the key findings of the project were revealed during the online seminar.

The CHAMP online seminar was interactive as participant took part in polls and then, discussed their results

The first part of the project is now finalised. The outcome is a research report presenting important definitions and the background of the project. Findings reveal that Europe has a strong tradition of sports clubs, with some countries still maintaining large levels of membership. But it also shows that for the sport sector to stay relevant and up to date with societal changes, traditional sports clubs need to adapt and to adopt new ways of operating. This way they can continue to be integral features of the European sporting landscape. The report is now published on the ENGSO website: Click here to have a look at it.

The big question now is, how can sports clubs adopt to new ways of operating? According to CHAMP Project Manager Lovisa Broms, the answer lies in getting to know the challenges that sports clubs are facing and making innovative practices relatable for non-profit sports clubs. Innovation, such as new initiatives or activities, can be integrated on all levels in a sports club. They can also be hands-on solutions that help the club to renew its offers without taking too much time and resources.

Here is a short summary of the points raised by the CHAMP project partners:

  • Challenges in relation to attracting and retaining volunteers, lack of facilities and management of sport clubs are examples of overarching issues among European sports clubs.

  • Time and resources are barriers standing in between sports clubs and new ways of operating. Inspiration on down-to-earth innovative practices can help sports clubs to overcome these barriers.

  • Innovative practices can be anything from implementing a new strategy for the operation of the entire club to a new afternoon activity for parents and their children, or moving the sport activity to where the people are and not the other way around.

  • It is important to remember the core value of sports clubs! There is no need to change what is already working!

  • There is a lot to learn from the business, for example how an organisation can get to know and adapt their offers to their target groups.

  • The CHAMP online course will provide sport organisations with tools and inspiration from both sports clubs and corporate businesses on how to incorporate innovation in their mindset and everyday work.

There will be a second online seminar on the CHAMP project and its findings in the autumn of 2020, and the online course will be launched at the European Sport Platform in November 2020! So, stay tuned and follow CHAMP’s social media channels - Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn - to keep an eye on the progressions and outputs of the project!