Catching up with Play'In Together

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Play’In Together, an Erasmus+ Sport project where ENGSO is a partner, had its first Steering Committee meeting of 2020 on 4-5 February in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The meeting was hosted by one of the partners, the Bulgarian Sports Development Association at the Maria's World Foundation, an organisation which aims to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities. Sallie Barker, our Special Advisor, attended the meeting on ENGSO’s behalf.

Florence Robin, Ambassador of France to Sofia joined the meeting for the opening session and was very interested in hearing about the progress that had been made so far and the work each of the partners had been undertaking on the project in 2019.

Project partners and Florence Robin, Ambassador of France to Sofia
Project partners and Florence Robin, Ambassador of France to Sofia

The programme of the meeting started with a snapshot of the 2019 progress. Some of achievements are:

  • Six socio-sport sessions on changing the mindset on disabilities have been finalised.

  • The Monitoring and Evaluation Toolpack for partners has been completed.

  • "PLAY'IN beyond disabilities", the diagnostic study had been conducted and a support guide produced - both by teachers in France.

  • The PLAY’IN website was to be integrated into the PLAY International website and will be available soon. Watch this space!

  • The terms of reference for the "All players, All friends" diagnostic study had been drafted.

  • On a practical level, good lines of communication and effective communication tools had been developed so the partners could keep in touch with each other.

  • A great number of children and people had been trained in France, Kosovo, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. 323 people had been trained as animators, trainers and teachers, of which 53% were women. Over 6.000 children had taken part in the training sessions.

  • A number of best practices and lessons were shared by the different partners which will assist them in the future.

  • The feedback on the training had been very positive in terms of ‘changing the mindset’.

  • For sustainability, the programme is being piloted with physical education students in the Czech Republic and Bulgarian universities. Also, France will be incorporating the learnings into the Paris 2024 Programme.

Over the meeting, the partners also considered the strengths and weaknesses of the project and how these could be overcome going forward. One of the partners, University Colleges Leuven-Limburg, gave a presentation on the research findings so far and how this can be used to inform the next stages of the project. Finally, the 2020 milestones were considered and what help would be needed in order to achieve them, especially around communicating and disseminating the results.

Overall, it was a very positive meeting as the PLAY’IN Together project is doing great work and ENSGO is looking forward to its continued involvement!