BeActive Beach Games toolkits will be available soon

Updated: May 25, 2020

Our Latvian member, the Latvian Sports Federations Council (LSFC) coordinates an Erasmus+ Sport collaborative partnership project, the BeActive Beach Games. The initiative started in early 2019 and runs until the end of June 2020. Here are the latest updates about the project!

The project partners have developed a model along with a manual, guide and policy note to be disseminated outside the project partnership. These materials are easy-to-use tools for sports clubs and organisations, groups of individuals, national coordinating bodies and stakeholders to use on natural and artificial beaches with an aim to stimulate physical activity in a beach setting.

BeActive Beach Games in Riga, Latvia
BeActive Beach Games in Riga, Latvia

The three materials combine experiences from testing the BeActive Beach Games model in two pilot events; one in an urban beach in Riga, Latvia and one in a natural beach in Portimao, Portugal. The events reaches more than 1500 participants. The experiences from working with different groups of inhabitants in different parts of Europe (Northern and Southern) make the produced materials applicable to different situations for promoting physical activity and sports, as well as social inclusion.

The manual for the organisation of BeActive Beach Games events is targeted at organisers and stakeholders at both national and transnational level either using natural or artificial beaches. This manual provides methodological guidelines, recommendations and practical examples for planning, coordination, dissemination, implementation and monitoring of the BeActive Beach Games events. It also describes the requirements as well as provides guidance and practice for recruitment and involvement of various groups.

The physical activity guide on beach sports and activities is targeted at each and every person to take part in various beach sports activities. The guide describes several fields of sports, the required equipment, conditions, rules and the model of the activities including a promotional video on some physical activities and sports. It also provides further information and contacts for professional guidance.

BeActive Beach Games in Portimaou, Portugal
BeActive Beach Games in Portimaou, Portugal

The policy note on the BeActive Beach Games puts attention to sport and health, along with social and ethical values. It claims that the organisation of the BeActive Beach Games is a way to contribute to the development of a healthier society. It sets out the mission underlying the main reasons for organising BeActive Beach Games and transmitting principles for social inclusion and inter-cultural exchange. It could also serve as a source for inspiration for National Coordinating Bodies of the European Week of Sport.

The above materials will be accessible on the official website of the project, so stay tuned!

The project partner organisations: