ASPIRE: What are we doing in 2018?

After the busy first year of ENGSO’s ASPIRE project, the Project Team is fully dedicated to the upcoming project activities, namely the finalisation of the training module, including testing, and the organisation of training sessions. Read more about the activities that are ahead of us.

The ASPIRE project has closed its first year successfully, completing a research with three key elements:

  • Needs assessment of those using sport with refugees,

  • The definition of key terms and

  • A literature review on the stage of immigration in Europe and the potential of sport as a context to helping migrants and refugees.

Informed by the findings of the research, we have also started developing a training module, that aims to support sport organisations and people involved in sport, to better adapt their existing activities to the specific context of migrants and refugees.

First half of the year 2018

At the beginning of 2018, we have been continuing our work on the ASPIRE training module. The writers of the different chapters, under the coordination of ASPIRE Work Package Leader Sallie Barker, have been finalising their first drafts, which will soon be sent out for testing organisations.

The ASPIRE management is really thankful to the following people for their contribution into the ASPIRE training module: Katrin Koenen and Richard Bailey from ICSSPE (International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education), Anna Strugovshchikova from DOSB (German Olympic Sports Confederation), Thomas Jaeger from Caritas Academy Styria and Lillemor Lindell from RF (Swedish Sports Confederation).

In the course of April and May 2018, testing organisations ranging from local initiatives to national sport federations, will provide us with their expert feedback on the training module, after they have tried out our practical advises and exercises.

We are pleased to announce that Niels de Fraguier strengthens our team as ENGSO Intern, assisting with the coordination of testing.

On 24-25 May 2018, the second Steering Committee and Project Team meetings will take place. Among others, we will discuss the last steps in the finalisation of the training module and the next steps in the organisation of the training sessions.

Apart from the mentioned activities, our project partner EOSE (European Observatoire of Sport and Employment) will carry out a mid-term evaluation to provide us with advices how to improve our project management.

Second half of the year 2018

The second half of the year will be dedicated to the implementation of the training module in several European countries. We will tailor each training session to the special needs of the respective country. The focus of the training sessions will be as diverse as the target groups, aiming to sensitise coaches on their role in society in some countries, while covering deeply the topic of intercultural dialogue through sport in some others.

Communication and dissemination throughout the year

We have also been continuing our communication and dissemination activities. We are really proud that the ASPIRE project could serve as a good project example in the field of social inclusion at the EU Sport Info Day, the most important event on EU funding opportunities for sport, organised by the European Commission and its Executive Agency (EACEA) with over 600 participants. Our Project Coordinator Orsolya Tolnay was part of the round table discussion on the policy context of Erasmus+ Sport where she shared the lessons we have learnt in the ASPIRE project.

We are also working on extending our network of supporters this year. Those who are interested in our activities are welcomed to get involved, for example, by signing a letter of support.

ASPIRE Steering Committee Member Lillemor Lindell from the Swedish Sports Confederation says:

“RF is a committed partner of the ASPIRE project, organising one of first ASPIRE Training Sessions in the second half of 2018. We look forward to the ASPIRE project activities for this year and the further co-operation with project partners.”

The ASPIRE project:

ASPIRE stands for Activity, Sport and Play for the Inclusion of Refugees in Europe and has the main aim of offering suitable participation opportunities for migrants and refugees in and through sport, physical activity and play.

This aim can be best achieved by the development and implementation of a training module that is based on evidence and can support people involved in sport to adapt their existing activities to the specific context of refugees.

The training module will enhance the skills and competences of people involved in sport in the area of migration, intercultural dialogue, psycho-social aspects of inclusive coaching and accessible sports organisations.

The implementation of the training module will take place through the organisation of training sessions in nine countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Serbia, Spain and Sweden).

A Pan-European conference in the summer of 2019 will mark the end of the project and disseminate the project results to a wider audience.

For more information, please contact:

Orsolya Tolnay

ASPIRE Project Coordinator

[email protected]


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