ASPIRE updates

ASPIRE project assistant, Niels de Fraguier summarises what happened around the project in the past three months.

Keeping in mind this astonishing figure, the ASPIRE project team has been working on dissemination activities in the last months. The project team has run three training sessions in Serbia, Sweden and most recently in Finland.

The training sessions are unique opportunities for our partners to implement the ASPIRE training module and raise awareness on the possible role of sport in the social inclusion of migrants and refugees. The diversity of stakeholders taking part in the different sessions has been our strength, tailoring the implementation to the specific national needs. Six more sessions will be organised from January to April 2019 in Belgium, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria and Spain before our Final Conference that will take place in Frankfurt on 14 June 2019.

In parallel to project developments, ASPIRE Project Manager Orsolya Tolnay has been invited to different events in the field of social inclusion for refugees to share information about the ASPIRE activities and their outcomes. She participated in the Responsiball Forum organised on 8 November in Lausanne, Switzerland, to speak at a workshop about challenges, good practices and lessons learned in using the social value of sport to aid refugees. In the final panel discussion, Orsolya shared her opinion on existing gaps and possible collaboration opportunities.

The ASPIRE project team at the Responsiball Forum

On 22-23 November in Lisbon, Portugal, Orsolya was invited to the Final Conference of the Sport for Inclusion Network (SPIN) “Sport Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees in a Transforming Europe”. She participated in a panel discussion about building alliance and new forms of co-operation.

Orsolya ended her busy November agenda with the Sport, Migrants and Inclusion Meeting of the Sport Migrant Integration Platform organised by the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) of the Council of Europe on 27 November in Paris. Inspired by the dynamics of the projects, she stated:

“There is a need for social sport projects and social responsibility sport programmes, such as ASPIRE, because everyone has the right to do sports and sport is a great tool to engage the entire community. It has been an honour to sit together at a table with local heroes and role models who spend their days working with refugees, migrants and host communities to make this world a better place for everyone of us, through sport.”

On 8-9 December, ASPIRE Work Package Leader on Dissemination and Sustainability, Niels de Fraguier took part in the Youth Forum on migration organised by the United Nations Major Group on Children and Youth (UNMGCY) before the signature of the Global Compact for Migration by UN member states. Niels had the chance to present the ASPIRE project and engage more youth on the role of sport in the social inclusion of migrants and refugees.

Niels de Fraguier at the Youth Forum of the UNMGCY in Marrakech

To end this great year for the ASPIRE project, Orsolya and Niels have been invited to the Sporting Chance Forum organised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on 12-13 December in Paris. The third annual Sporting Chance Forum gathered more than 250 high-level delegates from sport and global politics under the backdrop of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to drive towards a world of sport that fully respects human rights: a very good opportunity to advocate for the use of sport for refugees.

Orsolya Tolnay and Niels de Fraguier at the Sporting Chance Forum in Paris

In order to be part of the change and promote the potential role of sport for the social inclusion of migrants and refugees, we invite you all to sign the Call to Action on #Sport4Refugees launched at the Responsiball Forum.

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