Activity, Sport and Play for the Inclusion of Refugees in Europe – ASPIRE project What has happened

The ASPIRE project has kicked off at the beginning of 2017 to establish how sport clubs can best support the inclusion of migrants and refugees, building on the wide popularity of sports and other forms of physical activity.

When starting a project, it is always very important to be clear about the main terms used. In the ASPIRE project, we also wanted to find out what experts believe about sport for refugees. These were the reasons why we have spent the first half of the year of the ASPIRE project with research.

Our research partner, the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) has carried out a needs assessment through a DELPHI survey (a consensus exercise aiming to elicit the views of a range of specialists on a topic). An Expert Group was set up to gather opinions and feedback in three rounds through online questionnaires.

After analysing findings and identifying consensus, Katrin Koenen, ICSSPE Director of Scientific Affairs, and Dr Richard Bailey, ICSSPE Senior Researcher, have revealed areas where there are the greatest needs for support for those using sport and physical activities with refugees.

The findings will be incorporated into the development of the ASPIRE training module in order to cover all important strategies that represent best practice in engaging refugees through sports clubs.

In the first phase of the project, ICSSPE has also considered a series of terms like health, well-being, physical activity, and sport to assure that all project partners in their work agree, and stick to shared understandings.

An important innovation of the project is the definition of accessibility, which led to a unique working definition of accessible activity, sport and play. We hope that the key terms could not only contribute to scientific discourse in Europe, but also to evidence-based policy making.

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