A successful PlayGreen online seminar in the books!

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

While Europe is mostly under lockdown, PlayGreeners are working tirelessly on the intellectual outputs of the project that broadly aim to raise awareness on environmental sustainability in grassroots sports and develop volunteer skills.

The third PlayGreen intellectual output consists of educational and pedagogical materials, which aim to provide ideas to every sport organisation that wishes to enhance their sustainability initiatives, and train their staff members to adopt innovative environmental solutions. Under this purpose, on March 26, PlayGreen hosted an online seminar on best practices in greening sport evens. At the online seminar, Dr Tiberio Daddi, Assistant Professor in Corporate Environmental Management at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna held a presentation. Dr Daddi is also member of Life Tackle, a project that is co-funded by the EU LIFE programme that aims to improve the environmental management of football matches. Similar to PlayGreen, Life Tackle is also endorsed by UEFA.

Snapshot of the presentation
Snapshot of the presentation

The online seminar discussed the lack of connection between EU sports policy and environmental topics as well as the great environmental impact of football matches with regards to energy and water consumption, waste production and mobility of fans. The lack of environmental governance of football organisations and stadium owners was identified as a challenge and management guidelines were offered to reduce the environmental impact of sport organisations and events. Dr Daddi offered some tips to make sports organisations and events greener, including the use of stadium seats from recycled plastics, reusable cups, the donation or exchange of sports equipment with lower-tier and grassroots clubs, low environmental impact food or adopting food donation practices. The last one has a double purpose: it reduces food waste and at the same time contributes to corporate social responsibility.

A useful suggestion in relation to PlayGreen was that event organisers and stadium owners as well as sport organisations should also invest in the environmental training of volunteers, as they are key actors in running sport events, engaging with spectators and promoting good practices in their local communities. This is an outcome that the PlayGreen Green Team volunteers are working towards around Europe.

To access a recording of the online seminar, please clink here. For a PDF version of Dr Daddi’s slides, please click here.

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