A seminar on Olympic values was held in Albania

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

On 25-26th April, the Albanian Olympic Academy organised a training seminar on Olympic values and education in Durrës, Albania.

The seminar was supported by the Olympic Solidarity programme through our member, the Albanian National Olympic Committee. It was held under the guidance of Ms. Ana De Azevedo, Educational Manager of the International Olympic Committee. The seminar aimed to extend the programme of the Olympic Values and Education Programme (OVEP) ​​that is organised in all schools of Albania. OVEP aims to build life skills for students, to reach more people through national language and to promote social inclusion. The OVEP is based on the "cascade" technique to avoid centralised knowledge in only one city and thus reaching thousands of students throughout Albania.

The first day of the seminar consisted of the training of 13 regional trainers by Ms. Ana de Azevedo. On the second day, the 13 regional trainers set up their training groups with 80 physical education teachers from all the cities of the country, as these PE teachers are in direct contact with the pupils.

After the seminar both the participants and Ms. Azevedo gave positive feedback on the event. The Albanian National Olympic Committee will continue to support such activities to further develop the Olympic spirit in the country.

Here you can watch a video about the seminar.

Text and photos: Albanian National Olympic Committee