A message from ENGSO on Europe Day

The European Union brings together people from all sides of the continent in a common project of peace, solidarity and prosperity. In the time of a health and financial crisis, those objectives are being challenged – but they are still there. More than ever, we need to stick together and stick to our values: democracy, sustainability, integrity, equality.

Europe Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate what we have achieved. On Europe Day, we can nurture hope for the better time that's coming.

Sport unites us in spite of our differences. ENGSO was established to build a bridge between the sports NGOs in the east and the west of Europe, and a bridge between sports NGOs and governments. Today, the European Union institutions are some of our most important partners in building opportunities for grassroots sport that fosters stronger communities.

Sport plays a key role in strengthening our physical, mental and social well-being, as well as our economy and the cohesion of our society. This role is more important than ever, when we are stepping out of the crisis.

Sport will help people recover from the shock. Opening clubs and resuming sports practice and competitions is a promise: we can breath again, we are taking steps towards what was once considered "normal". With the support of the European Union, we can do this quicker and better. We are encouraging the member states to implement these opportunities so that sport can benefit from them.  Let's keep Europe moving forward together!

ENGSO President Stefan Bergh & ENGSO Secretary General Kaisa Larjomaa

Europe map
Image by TheAndrasBarta from Pixabay