A glance at European university sport: What happened at the EUSA GA?

On 12 and 13 April the European University Sports Association (EUSA) held its General Assembly in Madrid, Spain. Our President, Carlos Cardoso took part in the event. The assembly was hosted by the Camilo Jose Cela University and the Spanish University Sport Committee (CEDU) and gathered members and partners of EUSA from all over Europe and beyond. On 12 April, the event started with the EUSA Seminar which gave an overview of university sport events in 2017 and took a look at the progress reports for the European Universities Games (EUG) in 2018 and 2020. Participants also listened to the candidates for the Games in 2022 and 2024.

EUSA Sports Manager, Besim Aliti presented some statistics from the 2017 European Universities Championships, mentioning that it was the best year for student sport with regards to the number of teams and participants.

Afterwards, the President of the Portuguese Academic University Sports Federation (FADU), Daniel Monteiro and Mario Santos, Secretary General of EUG2018 presented the progress report of the approaching EUG, ensuring everyone that the preparations for the event are going well. The EUG2018 will be held in 15-28 July in Coimbra, Portugal.

Belgrade will host the EUG in 2020, therefore Sinisa Jasnic, President of the Serbian University Sports Association held a presentation about their preparations.

The two progress reports were followed by the presentation of the bids to host the EUG in 2022 (Lodz, Poland) and 2024 (Debrecen-Miskolc, Hungary). Afterwards the candidate delegations had closed sessions with the EUSA Executive Committee.

The second day of the event was fully dedicated for the General Assembly. Among the first speakers of the day, the President of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), Oleg Matytsin addressed the participants, and stressed the importance of the strategic dialogue between EUSA and FISU on the 14 April.

The representative of the European Commission, Agata Dziarnowska emphasised how important sport is in the European Union and stressed the vital role of education institutions in promoting active lifestyle among the youth. After the welcome speeches and presentations, the Kosovo University Sports Federation became the newest member of EUSA. It was followed by the report of the Executive Committee about the past 2 years, presented by EUSA President, Adam Roczek.

Afterwards, EUSA Secretary General, Matjaz Pecovnik presented some of EUSA’s activities, such as EUSA sports events and Erasmus+ and FISU project participations. It was followed by Haris Pavletic’s presentation on the experiences of the European Universities Games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016.

Then, it was time for the presentation of the financial report, followed by questions about it and then its adoption. Afterwards, the EUSA auditors held their presentation, followed by some concluding remarks of the session by EUSA President Adam Roczek. In his speech, Mr. Roczek announced that the Executive Committee attributed the EUG2022 to Lodz and the EUG2024 to the cities of Miskolc and Debrecen.

The last session of the day was about the upcoming years, when the future EUSA Strategy was revealed. The Strategy was built based on a multi-stakeholder consultation with the vision to grow university sport.

After the presentation of the Activity Plan for 2018 and 2019, the financial projection of EUSA and the provisional budget for 2018 were presented. The key dates of future events were also mentioned, as the one of the next ordinary General Assembly in Yerevan, Armenia in 2020 and next year’s extraordinary General Assembly and Conference in Belgrade, Serbia.

As the last event of the Assembly, Olaf Tabor and Leonz Eder were awarded the title of EUSA Honorary Member for their great contribution to the development of university sport. The Assembly was concluded by a Gala.

In one of his speeches, EUSA President, Adam Roczek pointed out that our president, Carlos Cardoso was present at the event, warmly welcomed him, and highlighted his long-lasting commitment to university sports, being a FISU technical delegate.

EUSA President, Adam Roczek and ENGSO President, Carlos Cardoso at the EUSA GA

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