30 game-changers selected for the New Leaders Programme

On 19 November, the list of game-changers selected to take part in the "New Leaders Programme" of our member, the Finnish Olympic Committee was published. Among the 30 successful applicants there are three ENGSO Youth young delegates.

The programme is the legacy project of the 2017 IOC Women and Sport World Trophy Winner Birgitta Kervinen, Honorary President of ENGSO. It encourages people to dream, speak up and act as game-changers shaping the future of sport and it puts the IOC Gender Equality Recommendations into practice.

The initiative is a joint effort coordinated by the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Finland together with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the European Olympic Committees, the NOC of Azerbaijan and of Lithuania, and the Irish ENGSO member, the Olympic Council of Ireland.

More than 50 highly qualified and motivated sports professionals applied to the programme from all across Europe, representing 28 countries. Altogether, 30 of them were selected from 26 countries, including three ENGSO Youth young delegates, Anett Fodor from Hungary, Floriane Poncet from France and Laura-Maria Tiidla from Estonia. Read how they reacted to their selection as game-changers.

Anett Fodor

"I applied for this project because beside academic courses I find semi-formal courses equally important and useful. These projects are not restricted in some frames but are more open and free to get adapted to its participants even during the project itself.

I am really thankful for the opportunity because anytime I took part in similar projects, I have gained the most out of them, both professionally and personally. I am sure that the programme will teach me a lot and having a mentor from the international sports world just makes me feel myself, safer and at the same time, more valued. Moreover, I highly appreciate that we finally act and not just speak about issues, therefore I am looking forward to learn, grow and share."

Floriane Poncet

"I am absolutely delighted to be part of the programme within the Olympic family; it is such a splendid opportunity as a young worker in the field of sport. I have always perceived sport as an incredible tool for social change; it is an honor to be entitled to join this group of motivated 'Games-Changers' and to keep working for a more equal and inclusive sport worldwide.

I am currently committed to manage a school sport project at the international level ('She Runs, Active Girls' Lead') dedicated to young women (15-18); it promotes physical activity for girls and their empowerment as young leaders in their school sport community. Being part of the New Leaders Programme simply makes so much sense to me as I believe in the need to gather different voices and stakeholders to move the lines further, especially when it comes to gender equality and good governance. I am sure the experiences from other 'Game-Changers' will be absolutely valuable & inspiring to continue on my journey within the international sport movement, pursuing my engagement for education & inclusion in and through sport."

Laura-Maria Tiidla

"I am extremely happy to have been selected for the New Leaders Programme and to work on improving gender equality in the sports world with other motivated young leaders around Europe. I knew I wanted to apply for the programme after hearing it presented by Birgitta Kervinen in the Olympism in Action Forum in October. I think it's incredibly admirable that after receiving the IOC Women and Sport Trophy in 2017, she knew she wanted to give back to the society and thus started this initiative to empower young leaders in the sports world. She is a real inspiration and really the kind of role model the younger generation can look up to. I hope this programme can draw attention to the gender equality gap in the sports world and really create a momentum by bringing together so many talented young leaders. "

In the programme, topics of strategic leadership, communications, public speaking, lobbying and conflict management will be viewed through the lenses of equality, sustainability, human rights and ethics. Participants will design concrete action plans on a personal and organisational level implementing the IOC Gender Equality Recommendations into action.

The list of game-changers:

Zoran Bartek (Czech Republic), Pedro Dias (Portugal), Galia Dvorak (Spain), Daniele Facchinetti (Italy), Anett Fodor (Hungary), Petra Gantnerova (Slovakia), Iva Glibo (Croatia), Yarden Har Lev (Israel), Vegard Henriksen (Norway), Natalia Ivanyuk (Russia), Pierre Kass (Luxembourg), Mikkel Kidmose Risager (Denmark), Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic (Croatia), Anunciata Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein), Maris Lindmäe (Estonia), Katri Mattsson (Finland), Conor Meany (Ireland), Silvija Mitevska (Macedonia), Grainne Murphy (Ireland), Dmytro Mytsak (Ukraine), Floriane Poncet (France), Ivana Pranjić (Austria), Aino-Kaisa Saarinen (Finland), Narmin Shakhaliyeva (Azerbaijan), Marianna Sikorowska (United Kingdom), Vilius Srėbalius (Lithuania), Laura-Maria Tiidla (Estonia), Marieke van der Plas (Netherlands), Stephanie Wheeler (Cyprus), Laurynas Zibolis (Lithuania)

For more information about the programme, please contact the New Leaders Team in the NOC of Finland:

Niina Toroi, +358 40 672 2220, [email protected] or visit their website: www.newleaders.fi.

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