23rd General Assembly

29-30 April 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

23rd General Assembly

The 23 ENGSO General Assembly was held in Lisbon, Portugal, on 29-30 April 2015, accompanied by an Extraordinary General Assembly, an ENGSO EU Seminar and an ENGSO Sport for All Session. The ENGSO Youth Assembly also took place parallel to the General Assembly.

At the opening ceremony, among other speakers the Vice-Mayor for Sport of the City of Lisbon, Jorge Mximo, Portuguese State Secretary for Sport and Youth, Emdio Guerreiro, and President of the European Lotteries, Friedrich Stickler, addressed the General Assembly. During the official dinner, Director of Youth and Sport, Antonio Silva Mendes, from the European Commission thanked ENGSO and outgoing President Kervinen for the good cooperation during the years, especially regarding grassroots sport.

Besides general responsibilities, such as approving the annual report, the accounts of 2014, and the budget of 2015, member organisations adopted new statutes and elected new Executive Committee members.

According to the new statutes, the new official address of ENGSO is from now on in Sweden, at the Swedish Sports Confederation. In addition, ENGSO will have the possibility to have associated members, without voting rights. Furthermore, new membership fees were approved, as well as a new Strategic and Action Plan for years 2015-2019.

The 23rd ENGSO General Assembly elected Professor Carlos Cardoso, President of the Portuguese Sports Confederation, as new President of ENGSO. Jan Holze, previous Chair of ENGSO Youth, representing the German Olympic Sports Confederation was elected as Vice-President. Furthermore, the election for new Treasurer took place as well: the President of the Swedish Sports Confederation, Karin Mattsson Weijber, became this position. In addition, ENGSO has two new Executive Committee members: Natasa Jankovic from the National Olympic Committee of Serbia and Agne Vanagiene from the Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations.

The ENGSO Executive Committee

The ENGSO Executive Committee after the elections:

  • President: Carlos Cardoso (Portugal)

  • Vice-President: Jan Holze (Germany)

  • Secretary General: Helena Carslsson (Sweden)

  • Treasurer: Karin Mattsson Weijber (Sweden)

  • Members: Sallie Barker (UK), Lotte Buchert (Denmark), Natasa Jankovic (Serbia), Agne Vanagiene (Lithuania), Paolo Emilio Adami (Italy, Ex Officio)

ENGSO also sighed Memorandums of Understanding with two partners: the European Women and Sport Network (EWS) and the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF).

Parallel to the ENGSO General Assembly, the ENGSO Youth Assembly was also organised. Besides different sessions on youth and sport policies in Europe, elections for a new ENGSO Youth Committee for 2015-2017 took place.

new ENGSO Youth Committee

The new ENGSO Youth Committee consists of the following active young sport leaders:

  • Chair: Paolo Emilio Adami (Italy)

  • Vice-Chair: Romain Fermon (France)

  • Members: Gerda Katschinka (Austria), Michael Levendecker (Germany), Lea van Breukelen (The Netherlands), Filip Filipic (Serbia), Filipa Godinho (portugal), Xicu Colomar (Spain), Mariann Bardocz-Bencsik (Hungary)


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