18th General Assembly

14-15 May, 2010, Belgrade, Serbia

18th General Assembly

The 18th ENGSO General Assembly, hosted by the Olympic Committee of Serbia, ended to the satisfaction of all participants and after three days of various events organized for ENGSO members. This involved local sport authorities, an International Women and Sports Conference, an EU Seminar and the ENGSO General Assembly, all held in the good tradition of ENGSO major events.

At the General Assembly, President Birgitta Kervinen, ENGSO Secretary General Predrag Manojlovic and Executive Committee members reported on the activities of the ExCom and its working groups in the previous period 2009-2010. These were fully supported by the ENGSO Membership.

The key topic of this Assembly was the 2010-2011 Work Programme which was presented by the ENGSO ExCom. In summary the 5 key targets that will be achieved during this period are:

  • Influencing the European Sports Agenda, through the work of ENGSO Youth and Manifestos, particularly in the areas of social inclusion and volunteering;

  • Developing closer working relationships with ENGSO European partners, in particular the Council of Europe and the European Union;

  • Developing a new ENGSO Strategic Plan for the next quadrennial;

  • Finding resources for ENGSO work, funding for all activities and events. In order to do that, ENGSO shall apply for various funds from the Preparatory Action Funding, the Year of the Volunteering, where the funds will be available for projects, as well as for the structural funding to support the work of ENGSO and their members.

  • Finally, In order to achieve its most important goal, to raise the profile of ENGSO in Europe, ENGSO engaged its first employee ever, Annuli Hamalainen, based in the EOC EU Office in Brussels.

Delegates of the 18th ENGSO General Assembly unanimously adopted ENGSO Manifesto on Social Inclusion through Sport, supporting thus the work of the EU Working Group in its efforts to provide a new outlook on this issue.

At the Press Conference held following the closure of the ENGSO GA, the host and the key guests expressed their views:

Vlade Divac, President of the Serbian Olympic Committee commented that ?ENGSO has proven its considerable value in the past, in particular with its topics focusing on the role and impact of sport in Europe. It utilizes sport also as tool for education of youth and their active participation in sport, as is volunteering, being its integral part with a very important role?.

Speaking on the 18th edition of the ENGSO GA, Michal Krejza, Sport Unit Director, European Commission stated that ?ENGSO is a good partner of the European institutions in the area of organised sport. Of the past three days, many interesting opinions have been heard here in Belgrade, and we will try to take them into account when addressing them.?

Finally, Ewa Markowicz, representing EPAS Bureau in the Council of Europe said: ?On behalf of the Council of Europe, I would like to express our gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of this ENGSO General Assembly. The programme of activities of ENGSO for the period 2010-2011 seems to be very ambitious and we, as the Council of Europe are especially glad for the involvement of ENGSO in subjects such as social inclusion and Sport for All, which are also of great importance for the Council of Europe.?

Thus the 18th ENGSO GA in Belgrade concluded on a positive note with the proactive participation of ENGSO members, partners and guests and the desire to meet again soon in October for further exchange of experience and knowledge, at the 13th ENGSO Forum in Dubrovnik and then the 19th ENGSO GA in 2011 in Tallinn.



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