17th General Assembly

24-25 April 2009, Paris, France

17th General Assembly

In presence of delegates from 29 member countries and guests from ENGSO partner organisatons - Sport Unit of the European Commission, EOC EU Office of Sport, Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport of the Council of Europe, European Lotteries and Toto Association, European Fair-Play Movement, European Physical Education Association, the 17th edition of the ENGSO General Assembly took place on April 24 and 25, 2009, in Paris, France, in the House of Sports, seat of National Olympic and Sports Committee and registered seat of ENGSO. The House of Sports was also venue of ENGSO Youth Conference and ENGSO Youth Assembly, held from April 21-25, 2009.

Following the EU Pre-Seminar "Future of European Sport - Cooperation and Diversity", that took place on the first day prior to the General Assembly and very constructive contribution of the speakers from partner organisations during the Pre-Seminar and the General Assembly, the following decisions were taken by the ENGSO GA:

  • Further promoting the position of ENGSO on the European sports political scene, ENGSO should be adamant to continue to improve its presence and contribution in EU matters, taking into account the implementation of the White Paper on Sport and the Pierre de Coubertin Action Plan, as well as the conclusions and declaration from the Informal Meeting of EU Ministers in charge of Sports in Biarritz and the resolutions of the 11th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers in charge of Sports in Athens;

  • Following the successful ENGSO Forum regarding volunteering and voluntary activities in sport as one of its major topics, in particular the Universiade 2009 in Belgrade, and 2011 being the European Year of Volunteering, ENGSO shall continue to promote volunteering in sport;

  • ENGSO will definitely carry on with being active in the EU Platform for Action, Diet, Physical Activity and Health as one of the rare sport organisation emphasizing the role of physical activity and sport for the health of European citizens

  • ENGSO GA supports the cooperation with EPAS as one of the activities of ENGSO that should be further developed and promoted;

  • ENGSO GA was informed about the advancement of cooperation with European Lotteries and Toto Association owing to importance of national lottery and gaming rights and funding of sport. The cooperation continued also through financial support for ENGSO and its functioning;

  • ENGSO General Assembly approved the annual reports of the President, Secretary General, Treasurer, Auditors and ENGSO Youth. The following reports were also approved: EU Working Group, Communication and Marketing Working Group and ENGSO EDU Network.

  • ENGSO General Assembly was informed about the new associated membership position of ENGSO in the EOC EU Office of Sport (former EU Office of German Sport) in Brussels.

  • Following the report of the ENGSO Strategic Plan and the new Action Plan for the forthcoming period, the General Assembly adopted unanimously the ENGSO Manifesto, EU Sport Future Project and ENGSO Enter Project.

  • The newly elected ENGSO Executive Committee will take into account the amendment proposed by the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee & Confederation of Sports, seconded by CCPR, Swedish Sports Confederation, NOC*NSF and NOC Iceland. According to this amendment clarification of ENGSO activities is needed and for this work an independent working group will be established.

  • The General Assembly adopted the proposal for the budget for the year 2009, but due to unofficial information received that no structural funding would be received by either ENGSO or ENGSO Youth, a new budget will be established and forwarded to delegates following the official information. The General Assembly adopted the new ENGSO Financial Regulations.

  • The delegates were also informed of the Country Reports review that will be issued late this year due to rather few number of received country reports. The importance of receiving this data was reiterated by ENGSO ExCom as a very useful tool in communication and work of all ENGSO members and stakeholders;

  • Following the election process, the new ENGSO Executive Committee was elected to be as follows:

  • ENGSO President - Birgitta Kervinen

  • ENGSO Vice-President - Jan Bohac (elected)

  • ENGSO Secretary General - Predrag Manojlovic (re-elected)

  • ENGSO Treasurer - Jean-Francois Angles

  • ENGSO Members:

  • Sallie Barker (elected)

  • Romana Caput-Jogunica

  • Carlos Cardoso

  • Louis Kilcoyne (re-elected)

  • ENGSO Youth Chair - Jan Holze (re-elected)

Based on the proposal and kind offer of the Portuguese Sports Confederation, the next Forum will be held October 30-31, in two sports cities of Portugal, Oeiras and Cascais, and the host proposed several topics of their special interest, while others will be those from the special interest of ENGSO. Prior to next ENGSO Forum a Sports for All Round Table Meeting and an EU Sport Future Final Conference will be organized by ENGSO.

As decided by the ENGSO GA in Istanbul 2008, the next host of the ENGSO General Assembly shall be Serbia in 2010. The General Assembly adopted the proposal and kind offer of the Olympic Committee of Estonia, to have the 19th edition of ENGSO GA in 2011, organized in Tallinn.

President Kervinen thanked the French Olympic and Sport Committee for the great events of ENGSO organized in the House of Sports and for their outstanding support, as well as the ENGSO Secretariat for all preparations and the cooperation with the Organizers in managing this General Assembly. She thanked all delegates from ENGSO members and ENGSO partners in particular for their exceptional contribution during the EU Pre-Seminar and the General Assembly. President added her praise of the ENGSO youth for their work and excellent programmes and projects made according to their action plan.

She availed herself of this opportunity to welcome everyone to the 12th ENGSO Forum that will be held this year in the cities of Oeiras and Cascais in Portugal in October, and the 18th edition of ENGSO General Assembly next year in Belgrade.

Reported by: Predrag Manojlovic ENGSO Secretary General


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