15th General Assembly

4-6 May 2007, Helsinki, Finland

15th General Assembly

In presence of delegates from 31 member countries, the 15th edition of the ENGSO General Assembly was held in Helsinki, May 4-6, with the following decisions taken:

  • ENGSO is to continue and improve presence and contribution in EU matters, which has proven to be of extreme importance for EU in the domain of sports and both member and non-member countries.

  • The new member from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the future will be the National Olympic Committee instead of the Sports Federation

  • The transfer of treasurership is to be finalized by the end of July in Paris.

  • ENGSO is to cooperate closely with EOC on all matters, especially the issue of the White Paper on Sport.

  • As soon as more is known about the following steps related to EPAS, ENGSO is to take necessary action to respond to the respective situation.

  • Youth will continue in its efforts to become member of Youth Sports Forum and apply for EU funding for its actions.

  • ENTER! project for leadership has been welcomed and should be propagated and realized on national level.

  • Country reports are a good way to continue providing precious information for the ENGSO network.

  • Newsletter will be ever more present in electronic form, with possibilities to increase the number of pages.

  • With adoption of the ENGSO Strategic Plan for the four-year-period, namely 2007-2011, action is to be taken in order to start the process of realization.

  • The delegates of the 15th GA adopted the increase of the membership fee to 1000 EUR, in view of the adopted ENGSO Strategic Plan.

  • In accordance with the adopted ENGSO Strategic Plan the GA adopted the proposal for ENGSO Statutes amendments.

  • In compliance with the ENGSO Statutes the elections took place in both ENGSO ExCom and ENGSO Youth, with the following result:


  • ENGSO President - Birgitta Kervinen (FIN),

  • ENGSO Vice-President - Toomas Toenise (EST)

  • ENGSO Secretary General - Predrag Manojlovi (SRB)

  • ENGSO Treasurer - Jean-Francois Angles (FRA)

ENGSO ExCom members:

  • Jan Boha (CZE)

  • Louis Kilcoyne (IRE)

  • Romana Caput-Jogunica (CRO)

  • Carlos Cardoso (POR)

ENGSO Youth Committee:

  • Chairman - Mr. Jan HOLZE, (GER)

  • Vice-Chair - Ms. Anna-Mari Hmlinen, (FIN)

ENGSO Youth Committee members:

  • Doitchin Angelov, Member (BUL)

  • Anna Eliasson, Member (SWE)

  • Yvette Heywood, Member (GBR)

  • Natasa Jankovic, Member (SRB)

  • Barbara Lang, Member (AUT)

  • Eszter Rudas, Member (HUN)

  • Karine Teow, Member (FRA)

  • The next Forum will be held September 14-16, on Faeroe Islands. The following GAs are to organized as follow:

  • Istanbul - beginning of May 2008

  • France - 2009

  • Serbia - 2010

The modifications and amendments of the ENGSO Statutes were adopted by the Extraordinary Assembly of ENGSO, as well as a special amendment and an article that has introduced the position of the Honorary President, honorary and honour members.

The ENGSO delegates unanimously nominated Mr. Bengt Sevelius, President of ENGSO for many years, for the first ENGSO Honorary President.


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