13th ENGSO Forum

13th ENGSO Forum - "Social Inclusion and Education through Sport"

7-10 October 2010, Dubrovnik, Croatia

13th ENGSO Forum - "Social Inclusion and Education through Sport"


  • Programme of the 13th ENGSO Forum

  • List of participants

  • Proceeding book of the 13th ENGSO Forum: Social Inclusion and Education through Sport

EU Seminar and ENGSO Forum Session Social Inclusion through Sport

  • Speech of ENGSO President Birgitta Kervinen

  • Current EU Sports Policy and Social Inclusion - Bart Ooijen, European Commission

  • Implementation of the ENGSO Manifesto on a Truly Inclusive Sport - Poul Broberg/ Michael Trinker, ENGSO EU Working Group

  • Proceeding Book of the 13th ENGSO Forum - Romana Caput-Jogunica, ENGSO Executive Committee

ENGSO Members' Presentation

  • Social Inclusion in Sport in Croatia - Romana Caput-Jogunica, Croatia

  • Get2Sport - Poul Broberg, Denmark

  • Social Inclusion in Sport in Finland - Juha Heikkala, Finland

  • ENGSO Project "Creating a Level Playing Field" - Anna-Mari Hmlinen, ENGSO

ENGSO Forum Session Education through Sport

  • Education and Sport: Dual careers - Bart Ooijen, European Commission

  • Athletes2Business - Michael Trinker, A2B Project Manager

  • Preliminary Results of the A2B Questionnaire "Sport Organisations" - Melanie Strauch, A2B Project Manager

ENGSO Members' Presentation

  • Dual Career Programme KA:DA - Michael Trinker, Austria

  • Perspective and Top Level Athletes in the Croatian Educational System - Romana Caput-Jogunica, Croatia

  • History and Future Concepts of Hungarian Dual Career Programmes - Judit Farkas, Hungary

  • The European Athlete as Student Network - Bengt Nybelius, EAS-Network