12th ENGSO Forum

29- 31 October 2009, Oeiras, Portugal

12th ENGSO Forum - ENGSO President Ms.Birgitta Kervinen and awarded athlete Nelson vora, Olympic Winner 2008 in triple jump at the Sports Gala in Estoril

ENGSO President Ms.Birgitta Kervinen and awarded athlete Nelson vora, Olympic Winner 2008 in triple jump at the Sports Gala in Estoril

The 12th ENGSO Forum, held from 29 to 31 of October 2009, in one of the great venues of the Sport and University complex of Oeiras was supremely organised by the Portugal Sports Confederation. The Forum, one of ENGSO's main events had this year much to add. Thanks to active work of almost 100 participants, all items of quite an extensive agenda were fulfilled.

On the first day of the programme, representatives of 11 major Sports for All organisations and ENGSO gathered again after some years in a Round Table, to discuss possibilities for the Sports for All and its important societal role being ever more visible and present in the sports world of Europe. With the positive conclusions and intention to meet the latest at the next ENGSO Forum in Croatia, representatives decided to take concrete actions and find means of reaching out together to the European policy makers.

This edition of ENGSO Forum hosted the Final Conference of EU:SPORT:FUTURE. After 5 workshops organized in the meantime, this represented the peak of very professionally managed Project that concluded in Oeiras, with a high priority declaration regarding the future of all important aspects of sports in Europe. The main merit for such a successful conference belongs to the Project team and the participants in the project, citizens representing main topics.

The key topics of the 12th ENGSO Forum were Social inclusion through Sport, Women and Sport, as well as follow-up of the ENGSO General Assembly held in Paris last April. Two projects of ENGSO were presented as well, the ENTER! and WILD, both dedicated to development and education of good governance and leadership.

Participants showed great interest in all of the topics in the three days of ENGSO events and greatly contributed to the final declaration of the EU:Sport:Future Project and the final conclusion of the Forum, presented also at the Press Conference organized by the Portuguese Sport Confederation.

Representatives from the major European sports policy makers, European Commission - Mr. Michal Krejza (Head of Sport Unit) and Council of Europe Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport - Mr. Jean-Luc Janiszewski (Chair), took active part in the discussions and pointed out the current situation in sport in Europe.

The participants had also the opportunity of being present at the celebration of the Portuguese Sport in the Sports Gala in Estoril, traditional annual event where the athletes, coaches and sports administrators were awarded for their successes in the previous year.

The success of 12th ENGSO Forum will yet be evident through results and conclusions to be implemented through the work and activities of ENGSO, its members, EPAS, EU Sport Unit and the citizens of Europe having all shown and represented the unique importance of sport in the present day society.