ENGSO strengthens co-operation with others sport bodies and sport-related organisations to represent the principal non-governmental organisation position within other European sports related meetings. 

ENGSO and EUSA - Memorandum of Understanding
ENGSO | Partners - European University Sports Association (EUSA)

On 4 April 2014 in Denizli, Turkey, ENGSO signed cooperation agreement with the European University Sports Association (EUSA). In the framework of the EUSA Conference, the Memorandum of Understanding was signed by EUSA President Mr Adam Roczek and ENGSO Secretary Genedal Ms Helena Carlsson.


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European University Sports Association (EUSA)
ENGSO | Network - Partners - European Fair Play Movement (EFPM)

The Memorandum of Understanding between ENGSO and the European Fair Play Movement was signed on 7 October 2015 in Baku at the joint congress of the European Fair Play Movement (EFPM) and the Committee International Fair Play (CIFP).

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European Fair Play Movement (EFPM)
ENGSO | Network - Partners - European Athlete as Student (EAS)

ENGSO has a long-standing informal partnership with EAS.

The European Athlete as Student (EAS) is the dual career network for universities, sports schools and other educational establishments interested in high performance sport as well as sports clubs and federations which are willing to help their athletes in their studies. The main aim of the EAS -network is to support European athletes in combining high performance sport and education.

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European Athlete as Student (EAS)
ENGSO | Network - Partners - European Physical Education Association (EUPEA)

ENGSO has a long-standing informal partnership with EUPEA.

EUPEA is a non-profit and non-governmental professional organisation of national PE associations, which promotes Physical Education and school sport in Europe by working with appropriate governmental and non-governmental organisations and individual experts and professionals.

More information:

European Physical Education Association (EUPEA)
ENGSO | Network - Partners - International Workers and Amateurs in Sport (CSIT)

ENGSO has a long-standing informal partnership with CSIT.

The CSIT is an organisation which aims at promoting and broadening workers' & amateurs' sport activities and thus develop into a world-wide movement. All these activities will support our aspirations for democracy, solidarity and improving the quality of life through sport. This movement should encompass all sports federations and hence will be able to provide better opportunities for varied physical exercise for all citizens.

More information:

International Workers and Amateurs in Sport (CSIT)
ENGSO | Network - Partners - European State Lotteries and TOTO Association
European State Lotteries and TOTO Association

The European State Lotteries and Toto Association (EL) and ENGSO have been co-operating since 2009 in order to work on a common front to safeguard the integrity of sport and to strengthen the link between voluntary non-profit sports organisations.

EL and ENGSO also advocate for the sustainable funding of grassroots sport. The European Lotteries members are primary contributors to sports for decades, providing sustainable funding of more than €2 billion to European sport each year. They are of the opinion that attention must be paid to the grassroots and the important role they play in economic, health and societal terms. Therefore, there is a need for co-operation between the diverse funding models for grassroots sport in Europe to ensure a sustainable future.

The Parties support each other in the area of the EU sports policy and co-operate in event and project management. For example, ENGSO was a partner in the project "What National Networks to Fight against Match-fixing in the EU", financed partly by the European Lotteries.

The European Lotteries is the umbrella organisation of national lotteries operating games of chance for the public benefit. EL brings together state-owned and private operators, both profit and non-profit, who operate on behalf of the state. Their members only offer gambling and betting services in the jurisdictions in which they are licensed by the respective national government. The Association was created in 1983 under Swiss law and is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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ENGSO | Network - Partners - European Olympic Committees and EOC EU Office

ENGSO has a long-standing partnership with the European Olympic Committees and its EU Office.

The mission of the EOC is to develop and protect the Olympic Movement in Europe in accordance with the Olympic Charter.

More information:

European Olympic Committees and EOC EU Office

ENGSO signed a Memorandum of Understanding with TAFISA in 2010.

TAFISA is in the privileged position to bring joy, health, social interaction, integration and development to communities and citizens around the globe through the promotion of Sport for All and physical activity.


More information:

The Association for International Sport for All (TAFISA)

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