ENGSO's members are national and European sport umbrella organisations (National Confederations of Sport,  National Olympic Committees, European Sport Federations and  European organisations related to sport). Currently ENGSO has members from 33 European countries/territories. Find out who they are.

You can find more information about the membership application process and the responsibilities of the members here. If your organisation is interested in applying for a membership, please contact ENGSO Office Director, Marie Denitton at: [email protected].





The members of ENGSO shall be:

A)     National Confederations of Sport


B)     National Olympic Committees


C)     European Sport Federations


D)    European organisations related to sport.



Responsibility of Members

Members shall nominate a Delegate by notice in writing to the Secretary General, signed by an officer of the member organisation. A Delegate so nominated shall be entitled to exercise the same powers as the Member itself. Members who want to cancel the nomination of and replace their Delegate shall inform the Secretary General of the cancellation and replacement in writing.


Members shall bear the cost of transportation and accommodation to ENGSO events for themselves. The host Member shall bear the cost of providing facilities relative to the event it hosts, such as the General Assembly, the Youth Assembly, the Forum, an Executive Committee meeting, a Youth Committee meeting, or an ENGSO Working Group meeting.


Termination of Membership


A Member who desires to withdraw from ENGSO shall give a notice of such intention to the Secretary General in writing, and upon receipt of such notice it shall cease to be a Member. The obligation of paying the membership fee shall be cancelled upon receipt of the notice.


If a Member no longer fulfils the conditions that had qualified it for membership, the Executive Committee may decide on the termination of the membership. Such decisions are to be ratified by the General Assembly after the Member intended to be ceased had been given reasonable notice of attending and being heard.


Following a resolution of the General Assembly requiring the Executive Committee to withdraw a Member from ENGSO, and after service on the Member by the Executive Committee, a Member shall cease to be a Member upon the expiration of seven days.


Membership Fees


Members shall pay a membership fee each year prior to the annual General Assembly. Only those Members whose fees are current shall be entitled to a vote at any meeting. The General Assembly may decide by at least a two-thirds majority upon the loss of membership when a Member has failed to pay its membership fee for two consecutive years and/or three years in all.

Membership Application


Application for membership shall be made in writing to the Secretary General. Every Member shall agree to be bound by the ENGSO Statutes and shall agree to further the aims, objectives and interest of ENGSO with the best of their ability.

ENGSO Secretary General

Stefan Bergh

Riksidrottsförbundet - House of Sports

Box 110 16

100 61 Stockholm, Sweden

Marie Denitton: +46 8 699 62 08[email protected]

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