Fields of activities

ENGSO’s vision is to be the leading voice of voluntary sports organisations in Europe. ENGSO advocates for grassroots sport within European sports policy, raises awareness on the societal role of sport, and fights for equal opportunities for all Europeans to participate in sport in different roles and at different levels. At the same time ENGSO shares knowledge and experience on European sport policy to its members and partners. ENGSO's work aiming at building bridges is wide-ranging and linked to our mission to promote the interest of sports organisations in Europe. 

Actively advocating and influencing the sports political agenda

The aims of ENGSO in the field of advocacy are to:

  • Discuss and lobby on current sport political issues;

  • Seek common positions on sports issues and publicise these positions (see Publications);

  • Represent the principal non-governmental organisation position within other European sports related meetings.

ENGSO advocates for:

  • The important societal role of sport in:

    • Health enhancing physical activity,

    • Education, training, employment, volunteering,

    • Active citizenship and social inclusion.

  • The sustainable financing of grassroots sport

  • The integrity of sport in order to:

    • Promote good governance and gender equality, and

    • Defend the specificity of sport and the integrity of sporting competitions by fighting against match-fixing.

Building bridges

The aims of ENGSO in building bridges are to:

  • Provide platform for exchange of knowledge and information;

  • Strengthen the co-operation with other sport bodies (see Partners);

  • Contribute to intergovernmental sports co-operation (see Intergovernmental co-operation);

  • Develop and support ENGSO Youth.

1 Attractive network for exchange of knowledge and experience


In order to be an attractive network for exchange of knowledge and experience, ENGSO organises events that bring together decision-makers, experts and ENGSO network. We raise awareness on relevant grassroots sport topics and equip members with tools to pass on to national and local levels. We also give advices and encourage debate and reflection on European grassrootsport issues (see Events).

2 Answer to common challenges


ENGSO has launched and participated as partner in several projects that capture European sport-for-all issues and seek for answers to common challenges facing today’s sports organisations (see ENGSO projects and ENGSO as partner).

3 Promoter of youth in sport


ENGSO is of the opinion that "young people must be given the opportunity to participate in the planning of their own activities and must be urged to take co-responsibility" (Guidelines for Children and Youth Sport, 1998).

With the view to give youth a real say in sport, ENGSO supports its youth organisation, ENGSO Youth, which was established in 2000 with focus on the European youth sport for all sector (see ENGSO Youth).

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