Sport Clubs for Health-enhancement,

Activation, Modernisation and Participation

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Final outcome: MOOC 

Learn what innovative practices Sport Clubs can use to improve their membership and participation in sport.


The main aim of the CHAMP project is to give the sport movement innovative tools and education for modernisation, free of charge in a Massive Open Online Course, offering them fresh insights of current trends and solutions for physical activity promotion.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To carry out an evidence-based research on the benefits of modernisation of the sport movement.

  • To do research on and identify innovative practices to increase physical activity and sport participation inside and outside of sport.

  • To produce and disseminate educational content on these innovative practices to modernise the sport movement and to make the educational material available for the public free of charge in a Massive Open Online Course.

7 out of 9 project partners


work directly with traditional sport federations and club.


Project's development


How can knowledge and understanding about modernisation and innovative practices within and outside of the traditional sports movement attract Europeans to become more physically active?

Intellectual Output No 1:

Definitions and Background Research

Research is needed in order to ground the development of further project activities on a strong evidence base. With a timeframe of 12 months, this research activity will include a literature review and a needs assessment of sport clubs in Europe.


Provided by: 

International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education e.V.

Dr Richard Bailey, Iva Glibo, Katrin Koenen

Intellectual Output No 2:

Innovative offers in sport

The CHAMP project is addressing the challenges connected to a decreasing number of members within European sport clubs through research and a collection of best innovative practices from the sports movement and from organisations outside of the sport sector. This report is a product of the second intellectual output (IO2) of the project where the project partners have collected good and innovative practices within the sport movement.


Provided by: 

Swedish Sport Confederation

Sofia Kärrå

Intellectual Output No 3:

Innovative offers outside the field
of traditional sport

The third intellectual output of this project has the target to “collect innovative good practices in the fields outside of sport”.  In order to establish this collection, relevant academic and non-academic case studies on innovative practices to gain customer loyalty outside the sport sector were consulted and performed. Additionally, we conducted an analysis of six businesses of different sizes using these three models: PESTLE Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Model and a SWOT analysis.


Provided by: 

International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education e.V.

Detlef Dumon, Keri McDonald, Rick Schmitz

Intellectual Output No 4:

Massive Open Online Course

MOOC serves as a dissemination platform and guarantees sustainability for the project. MOOCs are educational courses available free of charge for everyone who would like to enroll and learn about the topic of innovative practices to modernise the sport movement and increase participation in sport clubs. 


Provided by: 

All partners

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