When it comes to the functioning of ENGSO, the bodies that play a role in the running of the organisation are the General Assembly, Executive Committee, and the different working groups. Get to know the structure of our organisation and meet the members who stand behind all the achievements of ENGSO.

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General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme authority of ENGSO. It is comprised of delegates appointed by all Current Members. The functions of the General Assembly are:

  • to consider and review the aims and objectives of ENGSO;

  • to consider and review the aims and objectives of ENGSO Youth Assembly;

  • to approve annual reports;

  • to approve all annual accounts of the period under report, having considered the statement of the auditors regarding the validity of the accounts to confirm the appointment of auditors;

  • to approve the anticipated budget for the following year and to take note of the rolling three years financial plan;

  • to elect nominees to fill any vacancies in the Executive Committee;

  • to confirm the appointment of the auditors;

  • to approve the membership fee for the coming year;

  • to adopt the activity programmes;

  • to make modifications where necessary to the Statues (requires a two third majority);

  • to debate all questions or proposals submitted by Members, the Executive Committee and the Youth Committee.

The General Assembly is held each year. Find more under Events.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (ExCom) is comprised of 9 people, 4 Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary General, and Treasurer), 4 Members and the Chair of ENGSO Youth Committee.

Individuals are elected to the Executive Committee by the General Assembly for a period of 4 years. It is desirable that both genders are represented in the Executive Committee and that the voluntary ExCom Officers and Members come from different countries in order to provide as wide vision as possible. The ExCom Members, including Officers, may serve for a maximum of three consecutive terms of 4 years. The ExCom can appoint staff to undertake supporting functions.

The Executive Committee is responsible for

  • execution of decisions taken by the General Assembly;

  • administration and running of ENGSO;

  • setting up of working groups and appointment of their President and Members;

  • appointing the delegates of ENGSO, if and when the case arises to represent ENGSO at various international events;

  • adoption of internal regulations;

  • ENGSO financial activities and accounts.


ENGSO Strategic Plan 2015-2019

Executive Committee Members

Stefan Bergh

Swedish Sports Confederation


Kaisa Larjomaa


Secretary General

Zoltán Bóné

Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation


Ilva Biedre

Latvian Sports Federations Council


Sara Massini

OPES / National Olympic Committee of Italy


Ugnė Chmeliauskaitė

ex officio

Youth Committee Chair

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Agnė Vanagienė

Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations


Michael Leyendecker

German Olympic Sports Confederation


Lotte Büchert

National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark


Filipa Godinho

Portuguese Sports Confederation


Anna-Maria Wiesner

Austrian Sports Organization


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Honorary Presidents

Carlos Cardoso


Honorary President

Birgitta Kervinen


Honorary President

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Bengt Sevelius


Honorary President

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EWS Committee


To bring inspiration and motivation to every European sports organisation to succeed in reaching equality.


To be a leading voice of equality within sport in Europe.




  • Education & awareness-raising

  • Advocacy

  • Platform for exchange & information on equality

  • Discuss and lobby sport political issues related to equality

  • Strengthen cooperation with other sports bodies

  • Work together with ENGSO Youth in topics related to equality


  • Niina Toroi, chair (, Finnish Olympic Committee

  • David Hofstetter (, European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation  

  • Ioanna Karyofylli (, Hellenic Paralympic Committee

  • Rachel May (, ENGSO Youth     

  • Anabela Sousa Vaz dos Reis (, Portuguese Sports Confederation


The Members of ENGSO are National Sport Confederations and National Olympic Committees from 33 European countries. Find more under the Members section by clicking the button below.

Structural diagram

Terms of Reference



The ENGSO mission is to promote the interest of sport in Europe. Activities are focused on influencing the sports political agenda through a strategy of effective communication and action within the sports political field.

The EU Working Group exists to ensure coordinated and rapid lobbying activities and smooth working procedures. It will utilise public affairs expertise and facilitate the involvement of ENGSO Members.


  • To monitor proposed legislation and regulations which might impact on sport in Europe and to respond in the best interests of sport, at both European and national level

  • To act as a consultative body for the Executive Committee in its dealings with the European Commission on sport (political) matters

  • To represent ENGSO at EU meetings and consultation events on behalf of the Executive Committee if necessary

  • To establish and develop a communication network with other European sports (political) bodies and initiate joint work where appropriate

  • To share information on European political issues and funding opportunities relates to sport

  • To give advice to the ENGSO Members concerning strategic political objectives and EU issues

  • To organise and present the EU seminars at the ENGSO GA and Forum

  • To co-operate with the permanent and temporary working groups and to complement the work of the Policy and Communication Officer


Method of Working


The Group will draft the working programme in close co-operation with the Executive Committee.



Co-Chairs of the EU Advisory Committee: Mikkel Larsen and Leigh Thompson


  • Bence Garamvölgyi, ENGSO Youth

  • Dominic Kuhn, German Olympic Sports Confederation

  • Kaisa Larjomaa, ENGSO

  • Mikkel Larsen, National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark

  • Ilmari Nalbantoglu, Finnish Olympic Committee

  • Julie Ravlo, Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sport

  • Leigh Thompson, Sport and Recreation Alliance

ENGSO EU Advisory Committee

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