Associated members

Associated members have all the rights and obligations as other members of ENGSO, but they do not have voting rights at the General Assembly. ENGSO currently has three associated members. Find out who they are.

If your organisation is interested in applying for an associated membership, please contact ENGSO Office Director, Marie Denitton at:

Associated Member list
EU Sport Link

p/a Vlaamse Sportfederatie vzw

Zuiderlaan 13, 9000 Gent, Belgium

+32 486 76 28 03

European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation


Meeuwenlaan 41, 1021 HS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bulgarian Sports Federation for Children and Youth at risk

Tsar Ivan Asen II 71, 1124 g.k. Yavorov, Sofia, Bulgaria

Catalan Union of Sports Federations

UFEC - Union de Federacions Esportives de Catalunya

Rambla Catalunya 81, pral 08008 Barcelona, Spain

+34 93 487 45 75

+34 93 488 04 75

European Association for Sport Management

Post Office Box 450304, 50878 Cologne, Germany

+49 221 49826093

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