ENGSO fulfils its vision and mission through different activities, most notably advocacy, projects and events. We produce and disseminate publications that e.g. promote our positions, raise awareness on the positive impact of sport to individuals, communities and societies, and inform on the work and organisation of ENGSO.

Guided by the ENGSO Policy Programme – a document reflecting the common positions of our members – we are advocating for European policy that enables a thriving civil society of sport and the modernisation of the sports movement. For us, sport is not only a great way to stay physically active and healthy, but also a means to engage people socially, empower them as citizens, and contribute to lifelong learning.

Through our projects, we develop and share policies and tools that promote equality, diversity, inclusion, sustainability and integrity in sport, as well as innovations that enable sports clubs to modernise and find new members and volunteers.

Our events facilitate networking and the exchange of good practices, fulfil educational purposes as well as encourage debate on current sports-related topics.

Fields of

ENGSO's work aiming at building bridges is wide-ranging and linked to our mission to promote the interest of grassroots sports organisations in Europe.

ENGSO organises events to be an attractive network for exchange of knowledge and experience.


ENGSO develops and defends common positions on grassroots sports issues, makes the results of its projects available for free of charge, and publishes quarterly newsletter to share knowledge and experience.

ENGSO projects capture European sport-for-all issues and seek for answers to the common challenges facing today’s sports organisations.


Let’s join our efforts

ENGSO aims to provide a platform for exchange of knowledge and information. We strive for sport partnerships to optimally support the grassroots sector with our long term vision. If you’re interested in helping us achive this goal, click below.