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Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)

As a Non-Governmental Organisation, ENGSO is a not for profit organisation with public responsibilities, thus part of the civil society to address social and political issues.

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European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO),
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The European Sports NGO

As the European Sports NGO, we are part of the sport movement with the mission to promote the interest of grassroots sport in Europe.

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Stay up to date with what is happening in the field of sport at European level.

Our goal  is to continuously provide development updates on European sport policy and share information on the initiatives and activities of ENGSO's member organisations and partners.

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Our activities

ENGSO’s prospects and aspirations have always been relevant not only in the European arena as a whole, but in specific national, regional or local contexts. Even if the sporting systems have their own characteristics in every country, they have similar challenges due to the recent globalisation and internationalisation of sport.

ENGSO exists to be a proactive front-runner in the sports political field, a strong networking organisation for sport in Europe and a counterpart for European governmental institutions dealing directly or indirectly with sport. That is why ENGSO has been carrying out so many activities in the last decades. Apart from organising events, ENGSO has led and been partner in several EU projects to capture European sport issues facing today’s sports organisations. Next to active communication and dissemination of information, ENGSO has a leading role in representing grassroots sport to European Union institutions and the Council of Europe.

Fields of
Fields of activities

ENGSO's work aiming at building bridges is wide-ranging and linked to our mission to promote the interest of grassroots sports organisations in Europe.


ENGSO organises events to be an attractive network for exchange of knowledge and experience.


ENGSO develops and defends common positions on grassroots sports issues, makes the results of its projects available for free of charge, and publishes quarterly newsletter.


ENGSO projects capture European sport-for-all issues and seek for answers to common challenges facing today’s sports organisations.

Our network

As a strong networking organisation for sport in Europe, ENGSO and its Members build partnership with European institutions and leading players in sports policy. Interested in joining our network?


ENGSO Youth is at the forefront of youth sport advocacy at European level. ENGSO Youth actively works on current youth sport issues, for example healthy lifestyle, anti-discrimination, sustainable development, volunteering, youth employment.

We create bridges

ENGSO’s vision is to be the leading voice of voluntary sports organisations in Europe.

ENGSO advocates for grassroots sport within European sports policy, raises awareness on the societal role of sport, and fights for equal opportunities for all Europeans to participate in sport in different roles and at different levels.

At the same time ENGSO shares knowledge and experience on European sport policy to its members and partners.

What’s ENGSO to its members

Carlos Cardoso

ENGSO President

“ENGSO came into existence as a counterpart for European governmental institutions, such as the Council of Europe and later the European Union institutions, to join forces and defend the general interest of the voluntary sports movement. In the last half of a decade, ENGSO has been growing to become an ever stronger “bridge-builder” between the grassroots sports movement and the leading players of European sports policy. Our ultimate driving force has been to benefit not only ENGSO members, but every individual in society, women and men, youth and elderly alike, by sharing knowledge and experience how the power of sport can trigger positive change in society. At the same time, we have been determined to fight against the negative downturns of sport and the lack of physical activity. We will continue our work in the future to answer common challenges in European grassroots sport and chaperon the next generation."

Hansjörg Höltkemeier

European Lotteries President

Driven by their core values, society, integrity and precaution, EL and its Members have been for decades the traditional partners of grassroots sport in Europe and thereherefore, with ENGSO being the traditional association representing the grassroots sports movement in Europe, there is a natural link between our two associations. As part of our partnership, we have many achievements to look back on and we are looking forward to continuing working with ENGSO in order to promote grassroots sports and its role as a tool for social change and also safeguard the integrity and credibility of sports."

Professor Svetoslav Ivanov

President of the Bulgarian Union for Physical Culture and Sports

ENGSO is a BRIDGE between the spirit and the body of each human being; a bridge among different peoples; a bridge among nations in United Europe. ENGSO is a COMMON LANGUAGE OF HUMANITY: a language that shall help finish the new Babylon tower in Brussels."

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