The Outcome of the ENGSO Hearing "The Way Forward for Grassroots Sport in Europe"

ENGSO's call to action toward the promotion of grassroots sport

#BeActive, the main theme of the European Week of Sport, is a call to action to get Europeans moving. ENGSO also calls to action within the European Week of Sport: we call on decision-makers in sport to implement the Recommendations that set a European agenda for the promotion of grassroots sport.

ENGSO's Hearing could not be organised in a better time....



The European Week of Sport 2016 – TAKE PART!

The European Week of Sport is an initiative of the European Commission that supports one clear aim: to bring Europeans together and get them moving, improving their mental and physical well-being.

This aim sound very similar to that of many sport clubs... 



The European Week of Sport 2016 – The countdown begins!


In 10 days, the second edition of the European Week of Sport will commence. The European Week of Sport itself aims to promote sport and physical activity across Europe, with a focus on grassroots initiatives.

EU-centralised events and activities will take place...



ENGSO's contribution to the European Week of Sport

ENGSO is a partner of the European Commission's European Week of Sport initiative that has meant to promote sport and physical activity across Europe. ENGSO has committed itself to raising awareness of the Week. More than that, ENGSO...



Understanding the Recommendations on Grassroots Sport

We have reported several times that the European Commission brought the High Level Group on Grassroots Sport into life in the summer of 2015. The Commissioner asked 15 high-profile sport stakeholders from across Europe how the EU could better support grassroots sport and strengthen the network of sport clubs. Their recommendations was handed over to Commissioner Navracsics on 29 June 2016 in the report 'Grassroots Sport – Shaping Europe'. We have also called attention to the fact that ENGSO President Carlos Cardoso took an active part in the preparation of the report as Co-Rapporteur with TAFISA Secretary General Wolfgang Baumann. Now, let's go into details and see what the report is all about.



Save the date for ENGSO Forum in Bulgaria on 28-29 October 2016

Dear ENGSO Members and Partners,

ENGSO has the pleasure to announce that the 19th ENGSO Forum will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria on 28-29 October 2016, hosted by our member, Bulgarian Union for Physical Culture and Sports (BUPCS).

ENGSO warmly welcomes its member organisations and partners to Sofia and kindly asks them to save the date. Additional information on the event and registration will be sent later on. This information will also be published on our website.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sofia in October!

 Carlos Cardoso                                                                                                                 Helena Carlsson
ENGSO President                                                                                                  ENGSO Secretary General





The June edition of ENGSO Newsletter Sport in Europe has been published



Interview with new ENGSO Executive Committee Member Stavri Bello from the Albanian Olympic Committee

What is the sporting background of the Secretary General of the Albaninan Olympic Commitee and why he joined ENGSO? Read what are the aims of the new ENGSO Executive Committee member Stavri Bello in his new position.



Newly arrived migrants and their integration via sport conference of the Council of Europe

On 2-3 June 2016 in the Austrian House of Sports in Vienna, the Council of Europe's Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) in co-operation with the Ministry of Defense and Sports of Austria has gathered stakeholders from international, national and local levels to discuss one of the biggest challenges of Europe today: how to harvest the power of sport to integrate migrants, especially refugees. 



ENGSO welcomes Cyprus in ENGSO and Albania in ENGSO Executive Committee

On 13-15 May 2016, 59 representatives of ENGSO members and partners from 23 countries gathered in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania, to participate in the statutory meeting of the European Non-Governmental Sports Organisations. The General Assembly gave an opportunity to member organisations to influence the work of ENGSO. Among others, a position in the ENGSO Executive Committee was open for election, but the Assembly also adopted new statutes, approved yearly budget and activities for 2015, and voted on the accession of Cyprus and the formal integration of the European Women and Sport Network's work into ENGSO's structure.



Friday the 13th was not an unlucky day for ENGSO EU Seminar

The ENGSO EU Seminar, traditionally organised before the ENGSO General Assembly, took place in Vilnius on 13 May 2016. Although Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day, this did not apply to our EU Seminar: We have not only auspiciously informed ENGSO Members about recent European sport policy developments, but more than that we have also encouraged real interaction and debate between European governmental institutions and non-governmental sports organisations.



We are pleased to invite you to
24th ENGSO General Assembly

which will be held in Vilnius 13-14 May 2016.

The registration is open at http://www.engso.eu/registration-24th-engso-ga.php
Deadline for the registration is 18 April 2016.
Please notice that the GA will elect a Secretary General and one more ExCom member.

You can find more information on ENGSO website under the Events section.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the ENGSO GA in Vilnius.

Carlos Cardoso                                                                                               Helena Carlsson
ENGSO President                                                                                           ENGSO Secretary General



Sport Infoday, 3 March 2016, Brussels

Potential applicats, around 570 representatives from 45 different countries from representatives from sport and sport-related organisations gathered on 3 March 2016 in the Charlemagne Building of the European Commission to receive information about the Erasmus+ Sport and its funding opportunities, namely advice and tips on preparing and submitting proposals, as well as support with the financial aspects of funding.



Council of Europe "Keep Crime out of Sport" project

ENGSO partners join forces to combat match-fixing and illegal betting: initiated by the Council of Europe and supported by the European Commission, the European Lotteries has joined to the Keep Crime out of Sport (KCOOS) project.


More information: here



EWS Conference "Moving towards gender equality in sport"

Much work has been done to create equal possibilities for both genders in the sport world. It is time for a summary: to look back, evaluate, and learn from successful actions that has changed the lives of many many women and man in sport.

The European Women and Sport Network's Biannual Conference , taking place on 8-10 April 2016 in Stockholm, is an opportunity not to be missed to discuss on moving towards genderequality in sport!



EU Sport Forum  - Dialogue with relevant European stakeholders

On 9-10 March, the Hague will give home to the EU Sport Forum, the main platform for dialogue between the EU and relevant European sport stakeholders. Organised by the Dutch EU Presidency and the European Commission, the event will gather around 300 leading representatives from the sport movement, such as international, European or national federations, Olympic committees and sports umbrella organisations.

As the leading voluntary sports organisations in Europe, ENGSO has a well-deserved place at the event that will be organised into six sessions.



Erasmus+ Sport Infoday - Registration is now open

The European Commission in co-operation with the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) organises the Sport Infoday on 3 March 2016. The event will inform potential applicants about the Erasmus+ Sport Chapter, focusing on its policy background, funding opportunities as well as advices and tips on preparing and submitting proposals.

Our member organisations are invited to contact us in any matters, such as applying for Erasmus+ or finding partners, under info@engso.eu.



High-Level Group on Grassroots Sport holds second meeting

The European Commission set up High-Level Groups (HGL) on Grassroots Sport and Sport Diplomacy under the political leadership of Commissioner Navracsics during this summer. ENGSO's representatives, President Carlos Cardoso and Treasurer Karin Mattson-Weijber were chosen into both Groups.



European Parliament Plenary Session, 18-24 January 2016

Source: European Parliament
Source: European Parliament

From 18 to 21 January, the first Plenary Session is taking place at the European Parliament. MEPs will debate over Dutch Presidency priorities, the role of intercultural dialogue in promoting EU fundamental values, and skills policies for fighting youth unemployment.

The European Parliament Committee on Women's Right and Gender Equality also holds a meeting, namely on Monday, having on the agenda new strategy for gender equality and women's right post 2015 and the situation of women refugees and asylum seekers in the EU.



European Commission's "sport events" in 2016

In 2016, the European Commission will organise two important events in the field of sports: the Sport Infoday and the European Week of Sport (#EWoS).



New Year - New EU Presidency

From 1 January to 1 July 2016, Netherlands is holding the EU Presidency.

In 2016 the Netherlands will hold the Presidency for the 12th time. As EU Presidency holder, the Netherlands' guiding principles are a Union that focuses on the essentials, a Union that focuses on growth and jobs through innovation, and a Union that connects policy with citizens and civil society.

Read more on the EU Presidency website



ENGSO Newsletter December 2015 Published



Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council's discussions on 23-24 November 2015

The current migratory and refugee crisis was a common theme to Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council's discussions on 23-24 November 2015. All configurations addressed migration related issues.

Minister Schneider declared: "Sport can be and is indeed an important vector to integrate people, especially disadvantaged young people, in today's society. The exchange of best practices in this domain can help giving young people a chance of moving on".



Save the Date - ENGSO General Assembly on 13-15 May 2015 in Vilnius Lithuania

Dear ENGSO Members and partners,

ENGSO has the pleasure to announce that the 24th ENGSO General Assembly will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 13-15 May 2016, hosted by the Lithuanian Union of Sport Federations. At the same occasion, the ENGSO Youth Assembly and ENGSO EU Seminar will also be organised.

ENGSO warmly welcomes its member organisations and partners to Vilnius and kindly asks them to save the date. Additional information on the event and registration will be sent later on. This information will also be published on our website.

We look forward to welcoming you to Vilnius in May!

Carlos Cardoso                                                                                             Helena Carlsson
ENGSO President                                                                                         ENGSO Secretary General



ENGSO Newsletter September Published



ENGSO Forum 2015: Informative and Inspiring

The 18th ENGSO Forum took place in Brussels on 11-12 September 2015 within the framework of the European Week of Sport (EWoS), namely on the EWoS focus day dedicated to sport clubs. As usual, we tackled current European sport issues: this time, the role of sport clubs in activating citizens and accommodating to changing societies.

Prior to the Forum, the ENGSO EU Funding Seminar was organised. Experts guided the participants through the labyrinth of EU programmes, call for proposals and application forms. We also invited the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission to help maximising the chances of our sport organisations in applying for EU grants.

In order to set a good example in activating citizens, ENGSO Youth provided for activities in the breaks of the Forum, ensuring a great atmosphere. In addition, ENGSO offered sport activities on Saturday afternoon, when ENGSO Forum participants and the public could also join.

We have not only set a good example in activating citizens, but also in contributing to the inclusion of refugees. Our presents and give-aways were specially made for ENGSO by the Spiral Foundation ONLUS, an initiative that recycles scrap material while generating work allowing refugees to start a new life.

Next to widening the participants& knowledge, the Forum also provided a platform for interaction and exchange among ENGSO member organisations, partners and decision-makers, giving an informative and inspiring atmosphere to the event.



What ENGSO is going to do at the European Week of Sport?

The European Week of Sport is approaching and ENGSO's team is working with full commitment to prepare the last bits of ENGSO's activities. Here is an overview what we are going to do.



ENGSO won place in the European Commission's High Level Groups

The European Commission has decided to set up High Level Groups on Grassroots Sport and Sport Diplomacy under the political leadership of Commissioner Navracsics. ENGSO is happy to announce that ENGSO President Carlos Cardoso will be a member of the High Level Group on Grassroots Sport. In addition, ENGSO Treasurer Karin Mattsson-Weijber will represent ENGSO in the High Level Group on Sport Diplomacy.



How can Europe benefit from the economic value of sport?

Sport is an important growing economic sector in the EU with a share of total employment being 3.51%. However, grassroots sport and voluntary sports organisations rely on funding. In order to help sports organisations to get financial support, ENGSO is organising a seminar in September on EU funding possibilities.



Europe, come and meet us!

The involvement of youth at ENGSO Forum

ENGSO has always aspired after giving youth a real say in sport and involving them in its activities. That is why we established ENGSO Youth, our youth organisation in 2000. We have the same aspiration in connection with the European Week of Sport (EWoS) and our ENGSO Forum. Here are some examples how we involve young people in our activities before and during the Forum with the contribution of ENGSO Youth.



ENGSO Forum – The Role of Sport Clubs in Changing Society in Future

This year's ENGSO Forum is something special: we organise it within the framework of the first-ever European Week of Sport (EWoS). More than that, it is accompanied by an EU Funding Seminar, providing information on funding possibilities exclusively for sports organisations.

Unfortunately, participation in sport, especially in sport clubs, is stagnating or even declining in Europe. And we, the sport movement need to react to this phenomenon of epidemic inactivity. How? That is what our ENGSO Forum is all about!



Registration for ENGSO Forum is OPEN!

Within the framework of the European Week of Sport, ENGSO organises its annual forum to widen participants' knowledge on EU funding possibilities, and initiate a discussion about the role of sport clubs in the future.
Strategies and approaches how sport clubs can accommodate to changing societies and can activate citizens will be presented. In order to set a good example, sport activities will also be offered. Our Forum, bringing together decision-makers, experts and stakeholders, is a good networking opportunity.



Launch of ENGSO Communication Campaign to #BeActive

The first European Week of Sport (EWoS) runs from 7 to 13 September in Brussels, within the framework of which the ENGSO Forum will also be organised with the theme "Role of Sport Clubs in Changing Societies in Future". As the communication campaign of the Week is focusing on sport clubs this week, it is time for us to launch our campaign now!



ENGSO Newletter June has been published



Introducing new ENGSO Committee Member and ENGSO Youth Chair Paolo Emilio Adami

Although Paolo Emilio Adami is a young man, taking part in ENGSO Executive Committee as ENGSO Youth Chair, he has already a successful career behind him. For example, apart from completing his specialty as Sport Medicine Specialist Summa cum Laude at Sapienza University of Rome, he has been Honorary Clinical and Research Fellow at St. George's Hospital in London and at the moment he is Head of the Sports Medicine Department at Al Attar for Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Clinic in Doha. His success lies in his passion, passion for movement, as movement is life for him. He has done every kind of sport he could, and he has been a committed volunteer in ENGSO since 2009.

"My commitment, indeed, will be towards strengthening ENGSO Youth, both structurally and financially. Making it possible to have longer-term strategies and plans, despite all the economical difficulties we face as a volunteer-based sport and youth organisation. I will also dedicate myself to re-engaging the less active Member Organisations of ENGSO Youth."



Introducing new ENGSO Committee Member Natasa Jankovic

Natasa Jankovic has always been a determined sportswoman, who is currently Director of the Foundation of Sports and Olympism within the National Olympic Committee of Serbia. She is an experienced specialist in volunteering and a strong-minded women continuing Mr. Predrag Manojlovic's legacy when it comes to ENGSO.

"I would love to see ENGSO as main bridge building organisation when it comes to exchange of knowledge and information on one hand and discussion and lobbying on current sport political issues on the other hand."



Introducing new ENGSO Committee Member Agne Vanagiene

Agne Vanagiene is a former swimmer and orienteering runner, the Secretary General of the Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations, an energetic and committed women who would like to see ENGSO as an organisation that is financially sustainable, offering more opportunities to its members and an even stronger sport voice in Europe.



Introducing the new Vice-President of ENGSO: Jan Holze

In ENGSO, Jan Holze's name sounds familiar, as he has been the Chair of ENGSO Youth for more than ten years. As Vice-President, he would like to support ENGSO  with his experience he gained throughout the years.

"ENGSO is somehow unique in its way to work for grassroots sports. I would like to support this in the future."



Introducing the new President of ENGSO, Carlos Paula Cardoso

Carlos Paula Cardoso: a passionate sportsman, a sprinter, a Physicist, the President of the Portuguese Sports Confederation, the President of ENGSO and many more  - his thrilling confession about sports, his life and his role in ENGSO.

"ENGSO is not what the ENGSO Executive Committee (ExCom) wants it to be or even what the President wants it to be, ENGSO has to be what all its Members want it to be. So my main goal is to get all our members really involved in our work and make ENGSO a "HOUSE" of discussions about the best interests for the development of all areas of sport. "




ENGSO partners sign partnership agreement in support of the European Week of Sport

On 2 June 2015, the communication campaign of the European Week of Sport (EWoS), the #BeActive campaign, was launched in Brussels. In the framework of the event, ENGSO partners, namely the European Lotteries and the European University Sports Association, signed a partnership agreement with the European Commission in support of the Week.



SCORE Steering Committee meets in Brussels

"Strengthening Coaching with the Objective to Raise Equality" – SCORE is a European project supported by the Erasmus+ Sport Programme and led by the European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO).

SCORE promotes gender equality in coaching, and focuses on increasing the number of employed and volunteer female coaches at all levels of sport as well as enhancing knowledge on gender equality in coach education. The SCORE project is a two-year project and will be finalised by the end of 2016.

The Steering Committee of SCORE project met in Brussels on 19 May 2015. The main aim of the meeting was to agree on the one hand on the content of the SCORE toolkit "Awareness Pack", and on the other hand on the draft programme for the Education for Mentors.



ENGSO EU Seminar and Sport for All Session in Lisbon Prior to the General Assembly

Prior to the 23rd ENGSO General Assembly, ENGSO organised two seminars in Lisbon at the Portuguese Sports Museum on 29 April 2015. Next to the traditional ENGSO EU Seminar with some updates on the European sports policy, a Sport for All session was also organised focusing on the European Week of Sport.
Among the presenters, representatives from the European Commission, the European Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS), the Lisbon University, the Portugese Swimming Federation and ENSGO were present.




Carlos Cardoso Elected as New ENGSO President

The  23rd ENGSO General Assembly organised in Lisbon on 29-30 April 2015 elected Professor Carlos Cardoso, President of the Portuguese Sports Confederation, as new President of ENGSO.



SCforH Project Successfully Kicked Off in Helsinki

SCforH (Promoting National Implementation for Sports Club for Health Programmes in EU Member States) project, led by the Finnish Sports Confederation (Valo), had its kickoff meeting in Helsinki on 13-14 April 2015. ENGSO is a partner of the project, supported by the Erasmus+ Sport Programme. The project aims are to raise awareness on the SCforH project among different stakeholders, to raise general awareness on the theme of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) and sports clubs, to update SCforH guidelines, and to make practical tools available for use by sport federations and clubs. 



First edition of ENGSO Newsletter in 2015, published on 27 March

News on the European sport policy developments and updates from ENGSO, its member organisations and their various undertakings.




Promoting national implementation for Sports Club for Health (SCforH) programmes in EU member states

In their call of 2014, European Commission's Erasmus+ Sport programme granted financing to the project: "Promoting national implementation for Sports Club for Health (SCforH) programmes in EU member states". This project is based on SCforH project, 2009-2011, which was supported by the EU Preliminary Actions for Sport 2009, and has two main objectives: 1) expert evaluation of previous efforts, and efficacy in the implementation of SCforH programmes and guidelines, and 2) promoting national implementation of SCforH guidelines at both grassroots and governmental levels.




ENGSO is pleased to invite you to the 23rd ENGSO General Assembly, which will be held in Lisbon on 29-30 April 2015.



SCORE Project Successfully Kicked Off in Stockholm

SCORE ("Strengthening Coaching with the Objective to Raise Equality") project, led by ENGSO, had its kick-off meeting in Stockholm on 16-17 February 2015. The project promotes equal opportunities, namely gender equality in coaching, and focuses on increasing the number of employed and volunteer female coaches at all levels of sport as well as enhancing knowledge on gender equality in coach education. 



ENGSO SCORE project kicks off in Stockholm, 16-17 February 2015

The new ENGSO project, "Strengthening Coaching with the Objective to Raise Equality - SCORE", which was selected for funding through Erasmus+ Sport Programme in December 2014 kicks off today in Stockholm.



The European Lotteries Monitoring System (ELMS) goes Global! 

The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) for sports betting held its inaugural General Assembly on Wednesday, January 21, 2015, in Brussels, Belgium. This meeting marked the establishment of the GLMS as a non-profit association, mandated by the world lottery community to monitor sports betting activity for irregular betting patterns in an effort to combat corruption in sports. Twenty-seven representatives of state owned/state licensed lotteries that offer sports betting from twenty-five different nations came together to found the GLMS at the General Assembly.



 23rd ENGSO General Assembly, Lisbon, Portugal, 29-30 April 2015

ENGSO has the pleasure to announce that the 23rd ENGSO General Assembly will take place in Lisbon on 29-30 April 2015, hosted by the Portuguese Sport Confederation. At the same occasion, the ENGSO Youth Assembly and ENGSO EU Seminar will also be organised.



11 February 2015 - Sport Infoday by European Commission and EACEA

Event Details
Date: 11/02/2015 - 08:30 to 17:00
Venue: Charlemagne Building Rue de la Loi, 170 B-1000 Brussels Metro station – "Schuman"
Country: Belgium
Organiser: EACEA



ENGSO Youth Open-door Meeting on 20-21 December in Belgrade

In May 2015, ENGSO Youth Assembly will elect a new ENGSO Youth Committee for the period of 2015-2017.

ENGSO Youth is organising an open-door meeting on 20-21 December 2014 that will take place during the next ENGSO Youth Committee meeting.

ENGSO Youth Committee candidates will have the chance to have an insight into the Youth Committee's work. At the same time, it is a opportunity for participants to share their views on topics regarding youth role in European sport and receive information on European funding possibilities in the field of youth, sport and education.



ENGSO SCORE Project Selected for Erasmus+ Funding

"Strengthening Coaching with the Objective to Raise Equality" or simply SCORE is the title of the new ENGSO project which has now been selected for funding from the Erasmus+ Sport Programme.



ENGSO Signs a Partnership Agreement on the European Week of Sport at the EU Sport Forum

The annual EU Sport Forum, organised by the Italian Presidency and the European Commission, took place in Milan on 1-2 December. The event gathered around 300 stakeholders from the sport organisations and institution in Europe. This year the event was organised around seven sessions.



ENGSO Meets Tibor Navracsics, the New Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport at the EU Sport Forum

In the framework of the annual EU Sport Forum, taking place in Milan today and tomorrow, the new EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Tibor Navracsics had bilateral meetings with three European sport organisations. The first of these meetings was with ENGSO to hear the voice of grassroots sport and to exchange views on the societal role of sport.



European Ministers responsible for sport meet in the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council today in Brussels

The Council of the EU is an essential EU decision-maker, meeting in different configurations, depending on the subject discussed. Today afternoon in Brussels, European ministers responsible for sport meet in the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council (EYCS). Under Italian chairmanship and with the participation of the new Commissioner responsible for sport Tibor Navracsics, the ministers will adopt a conclusion on sport as a driver of innovation and economic growth. In addition, they will have a policy debate on sport and physical activity at school age.



EWS network meeting in London

The European Women and Sport (EWS), a freestanding group promoting gender equality in sports organisations, is holding its meeting on 21-22 November 2014 in London, UK, where ENGSO Executive Committee Member Sallie Barker is also present.



ENGSO participates in the 43rd EOC General Assembly

The 43rd General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees is taking place today and tommorrow (21-22 November 2014) in Baku, Azerbaijan. ENGSO President Birgitta Kervinen, ENGSO Secretary General Helena Carlsson and ENGSO Sports Policy Director Heidi Pekkola are attending the meeting. Furthermore, ENGSO Committee Member Lotte Büchert is participating in the meeting as a member of the delegation of the Danish Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sport.



A Revised Version of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide Published

The European Commission published a revised version of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide, which concerns the participation of Partner Countries in the Collaborative Partnership in the field of Sport.

More information: here



17th ENGSO Forum Discusses Physical Education and Activities in Schools

The health and well being of children and youth have always been priorities for ENGSO as early engagement in physical activity is one of the most efficient ways to guarantee a lifelong active lifestyle. Today, when child obesity reaches record levels and endangers the lives of our children as well as the older generation, it is even more essential to promote physical activity.

Among others, these beliefs were behind the idea to organise this year's ENGSO Forum around the theme "physical education and activities in schools".




ENGSO EU Seminar kicks off the 17th ENGSO Forum

On 27 October 2014 an extraordinary venue, a ferry in Stockholm gave home to the ENGSO EU Seminar. The Seminar has been traditionally organised for almost ten years, since ENGSO feels that one of its most important commitments is to update member organisations on the European sport policy developments.



Informal Meeting of EU Sport Ministers

The informal meeting of EU Sport Ministers is taking place on 20-21 October 2014 in Rome.

The main items on the agenda are: sport as a tool for more inclusive society and financial fair play in football.



Erasmus+ Call for Proposals 2015 and Programme Guide have been published



International Seminar on Match-fixing: A Key Issue for Sports Integrity

Today, 30 September 2014, the Italian EU Presidency is organising a seminar on match-fixing in Milan. The event is focusing on the analysis of best practices in order to optimise private and public policies and to implement policies, regulationa and actions for the integrity of sport. The seminar coincides with the Council Expert Group on match-fixing, which took place yesterday also in Milan.



ENGSO September Newsletter Published

In ENGSO September Newsletter, we provide you with development updates on European sport policy, such as the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sport Conpetitions, the new officials in the European institutions, the European Parliament Resolution on Youth Unemployment, and the European Week of Sport.

We also invite you to participate in our ENGSO Forum, which will take place on 27-29 October 2014 on a boat between Stockholm and Helsinki. You still have a coulpe of days to register!



Plenary meeting of the European Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health 

Today, 25 September 2014, is the plenary meeting of the European Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health in Brussels.

ENGSO is a platform member that is active in the field of fight against childhood obesity and promoting health through physical activity.




We are pleased to invite you to attend the

17th ENGSO Forum

which will be held on a boat between Stockholm and Helsinki on 27-29 October 2014.
This year's ENGSO Forum is organised under the theme:
"Physical education and activities in schools"



Public hearing of commissioner-candidates

The incoming Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has revealed his candidate commissioners, who will be scrutinised by the European Parliament from 29 September to 7 October. The Commissioner-candidate responsible for sport is the Hungarian Tibor Navracsics.



15 States Sign the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of the Sports Competitions

13th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers Responsible for Sport took place in Magglingen, Switzerland on 18 September 2014.



In Memoriam: ENGSO Vice-President Predrag Manojlovic

It is with great sadness and tragic that we announce the unexpected death of Mr. Predrag Manojlovic, Vice-President and former Secretary General of ENGSO who passed away on short notice.



EOC EU Office press release: A new EU Commission disregarding sport?

EOC EU Office, 2014-09-10, Brussels - Jean-Claude Juncker has announced today the structure of the new EU Commission along with the names of the Commissioners-designate. None of the portfolios explicitly mentions sport. Until now, sport has been included in the Education, Culture, Youth and Multilingualism portfolio under the chair of Commissioner Vassiliou. M. Tibor Navracsics would now be in charge of this portfolio, entitled Education, Culture, Youth and Citizenship.



All around Europe, countries are worried when it comes to youth employability. Combating youth unemployment should be a top priority to securing a positive future for young people.

One contribution is provided by a group of sport- and socio-cultural organizations, including ENGSO Youth.




We are pleased to invite you to attend the 
17th ENGSO Forum

which will be held from Monday to Wednesday, 27-29 October 2014 on a boat between Stockholm and Helsinki. This year's ENGSO Forum is organised under the theme"physical education and activities in schools".



Gender equality at the 2nd European Universities Games 2014

The 2nd European Universities Games, organised by the European University Sports Association (EUSA), is held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, between 24 July and 8 August 2014. The Games is the largest European multisport student event, featuring ten different sports.

Next to the diverse sports programme, several side events accompany the Games. One of these is today's "Masterclass", discussing gender equality in sports with the participation of ENGSO Sports Policy Director Heidi Pekkola.



European Week of Sport: final report available

The European Commission organised a 'European Week of Sport - Preparing for the launch in 2015' conference on 11 June 2014 to introduce the potential elements for the implementation of this new initiative. The Commissioner responsible for sport, Androulla Vassiliou, who has been actively behind the idea, was present at the conference. In her speech, she stressed the need to get all stakeholders behind the initiative and that the event should aim at being more than only a communication campaign, although communication activities will play an important role in promoting the initiative. She also reminded those in attendance about the initial aim of the European Week of Sport, which is to get more Europeans physically active.



Online gambling: Commission recommends principles to ensure effective protection of consumers

On 14 July 2014, the European Commission adopted the Recommendation on principles for the protection of consumers and players of online gambling services and the prevention of minors from gambling. The Recommendation encourages Member States to pursue a high level of protection for consumers, players and minors through the adoption of principles for online gambling services and for responsible advertising and sponsorship of those services.





What national networks to fight against match-fixing? - Programme conclusions presented in Brussels

On 10 June 2014 in Brussels, IRIS presented the conclusions of its European project "What national networks to fight against match-fixing?". The project was sponsored by the European Commission, co-financed by the European State Lotteries and Toto Association, and conducted in partnership with SportAccord, Sport&Citizenship, the University of Salford and ENGSO.




ENGSO brochures are available on ENGSO website

The following ENGSO brochures are now available on ENGSO website under "Publications":

  • Building Partnership to Create Effective Change, 2012
  • Creating a Level Playing Field - Social Inclusion of Migrants and Ethic Minorities, 2012
  • Social Inclusion in and through Sport, 2010
  • Sport for and Active and Competitive Europe, 2009
  • ENGSO Introduction, 2009



22nd ENGSO General Assembly takes place in Nice France on 16-17 May 2014

The 22nd ENGSO General Assembly, organised in Nice, France, on 16-17 May 2014, showcased an overview of ENGSO's activities in 2013 and early 2014 and gave an opportunity to member organisations to discuss future developments and strategic choices of ENGSO.

Photo: Egils Purins©



ENGSO EU Seminar gives an update on the European Sports Policy Developments

On 16 May 2014, the ENGSO EU Seminar was organised within the framework of the 22nd ENGSO General Assembly in Nice, informing participants about the recent developments at the European level.

The EU Seminar kicked off with an EU sport policy update presented by Yves Le Lostecque, Head of Sport Unit of the European Commission, who emphasised the important strategic partnership between the Sport Unit and ENGSO. 



Second Calling Notice to the 22nd ENGSO General Assembly


Successful series of IRIS workshops continued in Munich and Helsinki


Pan-European Conference on Sport and Prison


The deadline for Erasmus+ call for proposal postponed


Gambling in the EU: A long way from harmonised rules - states euobserver


ENGSO Executive Committee meeting today in London


ENGSO signs Cooperation Agreement with EUSA




Working Party on Sport meets today


March Newsletter published


EU High-Level Conference


Gender equality from Sochi to Athens


ENGSO Communication and Marketing Working Group - deadline for application prolonged


ENGSO has attended today the Erasmus+ Sport Infoday


ENGSO hosts a Seminar on Good Governance in Tirana together with the NOC of Albania


In 2014, ENGSO is rowing further across the waters of commitments and activities


Save the date for the ENGSO General Assembly 2014


The Report ENGSO has been waiting for is published. What Report?


Fight against match-fixing in Belgium


Search for partners or join projects for the Erasmus+ Programme


December Newsletter has been published


ENGSO Forum 2013 Conclusions are now published


Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council 25-26 November


ENGSO participates in the 42nd EOC General Assembly in Rome


Fight against match-fixing in Austria


ACT.REACT.IMPACT. with regard to the European sport policy


Sport in danger


ENGSO Forum discusses good governance in sport


ENGSO Forum presentations are available here


EU Sport Forum Consults Participants on the Erasmus+ Programme and the Future EU Work Plan for Sport 2014-2017


EU Sport Forum takes place today and tomorrow in Vilnius


ENGSO September Newsletter has been published


The registration for the 16th ENGSO Forum is open


Report on online gambling has been adopted by the European Parliament


ENGSO Forum on 21-22 October 2013 in Strasbourg - Save the date


Proposal by the Commission to promote health-enhancing physical activity


Study on possible sport monitoring function in the EU is published by the European Commission


The contribution to the fight for the integrity of sport by ENGSO and its partners


June Newsletter is published


Member States agree on the Erasmus+ Programme


ENGSO adopts a position paper on participation and health-enhancing physical activity


ENGSO EU Seminar discusses the European Sports Policy


Take the opportunity to influence the future EU activities in the field of sport - Take part in the European Mobility Sport Study


Elections take place at the 21st ENGSO General Assembly 2013


UNESCO MINEPS V, 28-30 May 2013, Berlin


The Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council deals with dual careers for athletes as well as combating the manipulation of sports results and doping in sports


99th ENGSO Executive Committee meeting in Prague


Reminder - the deadline for registration and nomination to the ENGSO General Assembly is today


The latest report of the Council Expert Group on Good Governance is available


Call for Proposals of Preparatory Actions 2013


Reminder of the deadline for candidacy


2nd Calling Notice for the ENGSO General Assembly


ENGSO at the Training Session of the "Sport for Good Governance" Project


Seminar on Online Gambling: How to ensure high-level consumer protection and the funding of grassroots sport


ENGSO welcomes the Sports Integrity Action Plan of the European Lotteries Association


ENGSO co-organises a Hearing on Online Gambling and Sustainable Financing of Sport


ENGSO March Newsletter published




State of play on the Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020


Sports Conference on the Sustainable Financing of Sport


European Evening of Sports - Press Release


Happy New Year


ENGSO December Newsletter has been published


Meeting of EU Sport Directors on 29-30 November in Nicosia, Cyprus


Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council meeting on 27 November 2012


ENGSO Press release of the ENGSO Hearing on the Sport Chapter of the Erasmus for All Programme and the ENGSO initiative "European Year of Sport"


ENGSO is a partner in one of the projects selected for EU financing within the framework of the 2012 Preparatory Actions in the field of sport


Sport contributes to European economic growth and employment above expectations


The new ENGSO Booklet is accessible in pdf version on ENGSO website


New username for ENGSO facebook page


ENGSO has published its October Newsletter which is now available online


ENGSO Hearing at the European Parliament


The 15th ENGSO Forum- Building Partnership to Create Effective Change


ENGSO EU Seminar: EU Sport Policy and the future EU Funding Programme


The EU Sport Forum has just passed by, but ENGSO is already looking forward to another important event: the 15th ENGSO Forum


EU Sport Forum 2012 begins on 19 September in Nicosia


Registration Form for the 15th ENGSO Forum is now available on line


The August Newsletter of ENGSO is available on line


London Paralympics: A change in attitudes toward disability?


Olympic and Paralympic chiefs are urged to press for better representation of women in sport


Creating a Level Playing Field Project: Recommendations to the decision-makers


ENGSO contributions of EU Physical Activity guidelines


15th ENGSO Forum, 19-20 October 2012 in Copenhagen - Save the Date


Introduction of the new ENGSO Executive Committee Members


Annual Operating Grant from the Europe for Citizens Programme of the EACEA for the year of 2012 Mid-term review


ENGSO EU Seminar "Policies, Projects and Possibilities"


ENGSO General Assembly adopts ENGSO Statement on the "Erasmus for All" and its Sport Chapter


20th Jubilee ENGSO General Assembly elected two new members of the Executive Committee


It is with deep regret that the ENGSO Executive Committee announces the passing of Louis Kilcoyne after a short illnes


Use on-line registration for your patricipation at the 20th ENGSO General Assembly 22.-26. May 2012


"Creating a Level Playing Field" Project Final Conference Present Results to Decision-Makers


ENGSO Project "Creating a Level Playing Field" Final Conference in Helsinki on 22-23 March 2012


Project Start: Sport 4 Good Governance


Jubilee 20th ENGSO General Assembly will be held in Bulgaria on May 24-26th 2012.


Policy Agenda on Volunteering in Europe P.A.V.E. - Legacy of the European Year of Volunteering


ENGSO attends EU Structural Dialogue meeting organized by the Citizens Unit


The Commission has published its proposals for the future EU Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport 2014-2020


ENGSO participated in the European Year of Volunteering Alliance Steering Group Meeting.


ENGSO Forum takes the Initiative for the European Year of Sport 2014


ENGSO Hearing on Volunteering - Volunteers are Priceless


ENGSO "Creating a Level Playing Field" Project Mid-Term Conference to Develop Key Recommendations


Programme of the 14th ENGSO Forum, Brussels, 13-15 October 2011


14th ENGSO Forum in Brussels, 13-15 October 2011 - on-line registration


ENGSO encourages promoting volunteering through European cooperation


Save the date - 14th ENGSO Forum 13-14 October in Brussels


Creating a Level Playing Field website launched


ENGSO EU Seminar â??Sport for an active and social Europeâ?? discussed current EU sport matters


The 19th ENGSO General Assembly adopted position paper on Value Added Tax


Kervinen elected ENGSO President at 19th ENGSO General Assembly


ENGSO adopts position on Commission's Communication on sport


Call for participants: Conference "Volunteers: the difference they make and the challenges they face", 23-24 May 2011, Brussels


WILD Programme draws to a close at European Parliament


EU Sport Forum: ENGSO President Kervinen underlined sustainable financing of sport


ENGSO supports future Europe for Citizens Programme


ENGSO attends EU high-level structured dialogue


European Year of Volunteering 2011 launched


ENGSO contributes to consultation on future EU programme on education


ENGSO to launch EU project on social inclusion in sport


ENGSO President Kervinen: Sustainable funding for sports to be ensured


ENGSO meets Commission director for sport


13th ENGSO Forum in Dubrovnik discussed social inclusion and education in sport


Round Table Sport for All hosted by ENGSO encourages cooperation


Save the date: ENGSO General Assembly 19-21 May 2011


ENGSO calls for inclusion of grassroots sports in EU structured dialogue


ENGSO supports EP Declaration on support for grassroots sports


13th ENGSO Forum in Dubrovnik - last chance to register


Belgian Presidency of the European Union launched


European Symposium on Sports concluded the Spanish EU Presidency


European Parliament launches study on the possibilities of an EU Sports Policy - stakeholder consultation open until 1 July 2010


ENGSO Manifesto on a Truly Inclusive Sport encourages sport organisations to take action


EU Commission launches call for proposals to support sport projects


EU Public On-line Consultation on sport


The results and details of EU-funded projects in the fields of education, culture and youth.


ENGSO General Assembly 14.-15.5.2010, Anotated Agenda


WILD project kick off in Brussels - 13 April 2010


Call appeal for Country Report


18th ENGSO General Assembly will be held on May 14-15 2010 in Belgrade, Serbia. Invitation, Registration, Programme, Agenda


EU Conference on sustainable funding models for grassroots sports in the Internal Market


The European Commission has published the study on volunteering in the EU


ENGSO Secretary General Mr.Predrag Manojlovic has been elected Chair of the Consultative Committee Bureau of EPAS


The homepage of project "Athletes2Business" has been launched !


E-consultation on sports funding - European Commission study on Internal market barriers on sports funding


ENGSO Youth - International Workshop






New ENGSO Policy Review Working Group has been established


Survey on volunteering in sport


Code of Ethics - EPAS started update process


ENGSO Executive meeting in Prague 25 - 26.9. - Agenda


ENGSO EU Working Group Meeting in Prague 24. – 25.9.